September 03, 2019

Boston Day 1

Happy Labor Day everyone! This blog post is a little late but like they say better late than never! So for Memorial Day my sister and I took some time off from work and took a trip to Boston. My sister was actually born in Massachusetts but left when she was like 6 weeks old. So technically it doesn't really count but we've always wanted to take a trip to her hometown state! We had a lot of fun and took in a lot of the sites. My only complaint about the city is that I was expecting it to be a lot like Manhattan and it is not! The buildings are way shorter and way older and more of like a brick style. I was expecting there to be a lot more cabs and there were not. We had to rely on Uber a lot and we've discovered that we are not big fans of Uber. The drivers were never able to figure out who we were. One time we had like the same Uber driver, drive around the block like 3 times and still couldn't find us so he dropped us. We were waving at him every time he drove by! It was ridiculous!

Anyways, on our first day in Boston we got up and grabbed some Dunkin' of course because Boston runs on Dunkin'! Then we headed to the Boston Public Library. My sister is a big reader and we have to go the library or any place relating to books on pretty much ant trip we take. The library was absolutely gorgeous inside and I could definitely see myself going there and studying for class or something. Or even if I just needed a quiet place to write a blog post.

The Boston Marathon Finish Line is also in that area so we checked that out as well. Then we walked around the city a little bit. We walked to one of the locations where you can pick up the Boston Duck Tours. Everyone kept recommending that we do this but from our point of view we would not recommend that you do this. We're guessing we had a bad tour guide or something but we didn't really learn anything at all about Boston and the best part was getting to pretend to drive the boat! I would never say turn down a tourist attraction, so don't let our interesting experience make you avoid doing the Duck Tours. If you have never done one before then I highly recommend them. They are a lot of fun no matter how petrified you might be of drowning! I was actually having horrible anxiety the whole before and during but my boyfriend really wanted me to do them and he was in basic training doing things I'm sure he didn't really want to do so I figured I might as well give it a try!

Next, we headed to the Prudential Center, which Bostonians call The Prude! We decided to head to the top to the Skywalk Observatory and check out the Boston Skyline! I love looking at city skylines even though I am totally afraid of heights. I think there is something so peaceful about being on top of a really tall building and just looking out onto the city. Also, while we were at the Prudential Center we grabbed some lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, which is my favorite restaurant. We also did a little shopping and stopped by the post office so I could drop off a letter for my boyfriend!

Once we were done we decided to go walking around the city and eventually we made our way to the Boston Common. Which was beautiful! Definitely a lot smaller than Central Park, which is what I'm used to but I still love parks and I love spending time in them. They had flags covering a portion of the ground for Memorial Day to honor all of the fallen soldiers in Massachusetts. I definitely won't forget this trip to the park because while we were there, I got a surprise phone call from my boyfriend while he was in Basic Training! I was totally not expecting it at all so it was nice to be able to sit down and tell him that I was in his hometown and tell him the very few things we had already done.

Once we were done at the park we headed to find Primark! We probably shopped around for about an hour or so and then headed back to our hotel. If you have never been to or heard of Primark then you need to look it up! It's basically like the British version of Forever21 except cheaper and nicer! We first went to a Primark store in London back in 2016 and haven't been back since but I have been dying to go to one and I knew Boston had one so we added it to our list of must do things! I actually bought quite a lot and only spent like $130! I did have a hard time putting it all back in my carry on though haha.

Once we were done shopping we headed back to our hotel for a little bit. Once we got to our hotel room we ordered dinner but I can't remember where from. After we relaxed a little bit we headed back out for a ghost tour! We were both expecting it to be really good but it was kind of a let down. It was more of history tour than a ghost tour. I feel like they didn't really talk too much about actual ghost sightings. It was still fun to experience though and I'm glad we did it. Ghost tours have been a big thing for us lately. We did one in New York the last time we went and we also did one in St. Augustine when we stayed with our friends that live there. 

Thanks for stopping by!
XO, Steph


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