April 30, 2015

April Favorites

Hey guys, so I know I totally forgot to do one of these for February and March but I was super busy getting ready to go to NYC at the end of February and then I was just too busy with school and trying to finish projects and papers at the end of March. I will try to remember to do these for each month from now on though.

So the two songs See You Again and Renegades are two songs that I have been listening to non-stop for about the last week and a half of April. See You Again is the song that is featured in the new Fast and Furious 7 movie and it was written for Paul Walker, one of the actors in the movie who passed away in 2013. The Renegades song is actually featured on the Jeep commercials that are for their Renegade Jeep.

The two TV shows, iZombie and Younger have been my two favorites lately. iZombie came on in March but I actually didn’t start watching it until the first or second week of April on Hulu. The reason I start watching this show was because the guy who created it also created Veronica Mars, which used to be one of my favorite TV shows. The reason I started watching Younger was because it has Hilary Duff in it and I totally grew up watching Lizzie McGuire. Both shows are really great and if you’re looking for something to new watch, I recommend that you check them out.

The fashion items that I have been wearing a lot lately are my Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses in Rubber Havana and my Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals in Snow White. I received the sunglasses for Christmas (I wrote 2 posts about my Sunglasses Collection here and here) and they have become my new favorite. They are super lightweight and easy to wear on top of your head. I actually purchased the sandals at a TJ Maxx about 3 weeks ago and I also purchased them in another color about a week later because they have become my go to shoe.

The two skincare products I chose are both exfoliating products. Except one is also a mask as well but technically you are supposed to leave both of them on your face for little bit. The Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate treat is a mud mask that you leave on your face for about 10 minutes and when you take is off you are supposed to gently rub your face in circles with water to help exfoliate and remove dead skin. The frank coffee scrub is a scrub that you leave on for about 5 minutes and this product can be used all over the body. It has extra oils in it which help to keep the skin really soft after all of the dead skin has been removed.

And lastly, the two beauty products that I have been loving a lot lately are the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation in the shade 112 Natural Ivory and one of the L’Oréal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color in the shade 106 Fuchsia Orchestra.  The lip color is really hot pink and the one that I have is actually from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collection. By the time I got to my store the only thing that I was able to find was the lip and nail products, which technically were not designed specifically for the collection. The nail colors were just selected to go along with the collection and I already all of them but one so I decided not to get any of those. However, the L’Oréal lip product packaging was designed specifically for the collection.

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April 29, 2015

Romping Around Downtown

Romper: Forever 21; Jean Jacket: American Eagle (old) similar here and here; Sandals: Sam Edelman in Snow White similar here; Handbag: Louis Vuitton cheaper version here; Sunglasses: Ray-Ban; Earrings: Tory Burch; Bracelet: street vendor in NYC, love this and this

Since it's spring time (which basically means it's summer time in Florida) I typically only wear shorts, dresses, or rompers. I rarely wear jeans during this of year unless it's in the evening and I'm going to see a movie or out to dinner. 

At first I hated rompers and I thought they were the weirdest things ever but then one day I was at forever 21 and I decided to try some on and I fell in love with them. They are super simple to wear because all you have to do is put one on and thrown on a few accessories as well and your outfit is complete. They are kind of a pain when you have to use the restroom though because some of them take forever to take off and it's almost like you have to get completely undressed which is a little awkward at first (haha). 

I love this particular romper because of the flowers that are on it which remind me of spring and how "April showers bring May flowers." So soon everything will be completely in bloom and beautiful. I'm actually wearing two bracelets but the other one was stuck up inside my jacket sleeve without me noticing until after we had completed the photoshoot. I hope you enjoyed this outfit and if you are unsure about rompers like I was, go ahead and try one on. You might just fall in love like I did!

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April 28, 2015

Spring Break 2015: DC Day 7

Hey guys,

So day 7 of the trip was a bit different compared to the rest of the days. We actually got "snowed in," which is something that has never happened to me before since I live in Florida. I have never seen so much snow falling at once and for such a long time in my entire life. It was amazing and beautiful but so annoying all at the same time.

In the morning when the snow had just started falling my parents went out and got us breakfast and they also decided to pick up lunch just incase we ended up getting snowed in which is what ended up happening. We pretty much stayed indoors all day except for a few times. We went out and had a mini snowball fight which was a lot of fun and something I've only experienced one other time. We also built a little snowman as you can see down below. I thought that it was absolutely freezing and even though I had so many layers on I thought I was going to die! It was so cold outside. 

Since we were snowed in, it basically ruined an entire day of seeing DC but at the same time it was okay because only a few of the museums were actually open. Most of DC was given the day off because it was not safe to be on the roads. So thankfully our cabin had WiFi and we were able to catch up on a couple TV shows and we also watched a couple movies that my sister has purchased from the campground store.

Most of the photos were taken by my sister so thanks sis!

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April 27, 2015

Spring Break 2015: DC Day 6

Hey guys,

So day 6 of our trip basically consisted of getting up super early and catching a train to Washington D.C. and then doing some sightseeing around the city.

We woke up around 5 something in the morning to start getting ready for the day and to make sure that we would be able to get a taxi to the train station. I had never been on a real train before so that’s why we decided to go with the train option instead of the plane option. I honestly really enjoyed traveling by train and I think that if I were to ever travel throughout the east coast of the US I would definitely consider doing it by train. It took about an hour or two longer than a plane would have but it was a new experience and I really enjoyed it. I also think my mom and sister preferred it because neither of them enjoy flying that much.

The station that we left out of was Penn Station because trains going to Washington D.C. do not leave out of Grand Central. I definitely would have preferred to leave out of Grand Central because there were a lot of homeless people just hanging out inside of Penn Station. It was a little creepy at times because some of them would just start randomly yelling and cursing at nobody.

The one thing I did not realize was that the train would be making a bunch of stops, which is probably the main reason why it took us a couple hours longer to arrive in D.C. than a plane would have.

Me and my sister on the train

View from the train

Johnny Rockets inside train station

Johnny Rockets chicken and french fries

By the time we had arrived in D.C. it was almost lunchtime and we were all very hungry. So we went to the food court area that was located in the train station but we didn’t really want to eat at any of the fast food options that they had available so we decided to go with the Johnny Rockets was that in the same area. As you can see I had the chicken tenders/fingers and some French fries and they were both delicious.

Inside Washington D.C. train station

Bell outside of D.C. train station

Statue outside of D.C. train station

After lunch we headed to the National Mall where most of the main D.C attractions are located such as the National Monument, The Lincoln Memorial, and several of the museums. We first checked out the National Monument. After we were done checking out the monument we decided to walk to the Lincoln Memorial and check it out which is located on the other end of the Reflecting Pool. It was a very long walk to the Lincoln Memorial.

The last place we checked out for the day was Ford’s Theater, which is the location where President Abraham Lincoln was shot. They have free museum located inside the theater and it also allows you go next to the house where Lincoln was brought after he was shot and it is also where he died.

One thing I was looking forward to was possibly seeing some of the places where the TV show Scandal was filmed but unfortunately I Googled when we got there and apparently the entire show is filmed in Los Angeles. I guess I should have done better research before we arrived but oh well.

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