March 17, 2017

Designer Handbag Dupes: Chanel 2.55 Double Flap

Hey guys,

So here is the first bag in the series! I absolutely love this bag, however, I have never actually held one or anything like that. But my goal is to someday save up and buy one! They typically sell for like $4,500 and up depending on the size you get. And yes I know that is a lot of money for a bag but I am crazy obsessed with fashion and so sometimes it's really hard to not want to buy some of the items that designers come up with haha.
Designer Handbag Dupes: Chanel 2.55 Double Flap

My personal favorites that I think look the most similar to the Chanel, are number 2 and number 7. Also, I currently own number 1 in white and I absolutely love it! I wear it all the time and it has even been featured on the blog a few times. However, I don't think they sell it in white anymore, they only sell it in black and it can sometimes be challenging to find.

I also really like number 4 because it's actually a Vera Bradley bag and I know there are quite a few people who really like Vera Bradley bags so it's nice that the company has created a bag that looks a little more luxurious than their typical bag.

The one that I would say that would most likely hold up the best would be number 9, the Tory Burch. This bag is pretty pricey but I know that the quality of the bag is worth the money. I have a couple of Tory Burch bags and they don't seem to show wear and tear as quickly as some of my other bags. I absolutely love my Tory's and if you have the money to buy one I totally recommend it. 

If I had to pick one bag that resembles the Chanel bag the most and the one that I would choose to carry would have to be number 7, The Rebecca Minkoff. I have a Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC that I wear ALL the time and it is seriously one of my favorite bags. My mom even decided the she needed to buy me a new bag one day because I was carrying my Mini MAC with me everywhere I went haha. So I would totally recommend the Love crossbody by Rebecca Minkoff because I know that it will last and it will probably be a bag that you will carry with you everywhere you go.

XO, Steph

March 16, 2017

Universal Studios Day 2

Hey guys,

So for day two, we woke up around 8 and left our hotel around 8:40 to get there by the time the park opened. Technically it opened before we got there but only by like 20 minutes lol. PS, just to warn you incase you haven't been to Universal in a while then you should know that you basically have to go through airport security just to get into the park. Okay maybe not really but it's pretty darn close. Your bags have to go on a belt and get scanned and then you have to walk through a metal detector with nothing in your pockets. You can however have like a watch on or other jewelry and sunglasses. 

The first thing we rode was the Hulk, we did however make a pit-stop at Cinnabon and my sister and I got some cinnamon rolls! Yum! Then we just walked towards the new Skull Island: Reign of Kong ride and the wait time for that was 60 minutes so we decided that we didn't have the time or patience to wait for it. So we kept on moving and we headed back towards Harry Potter World and half of us did some shopping in the candy store while the other half waited in line for butter beer. We then put our stuff in lockers and got in line for the Dragon Challenge again.
Universal Studios Day 2
My sister wore her Jurassic Park shirt that I got her for Christmas (I think) and so she wanted her picture taken under the Jurassic Park sign! Unfortunately the ride was closed both days we were there so we weren't able to ride it but that's okay. My sister and I have been on it plenty of times and we still have one more day left on our ticket, so hopefully it will be open on that day!
Universal Studios Day 2
After we got off of the coaster, we hopped on the train to head back to Universal and we did some looking around in Diagon Alley because they had opened up a new shop since the last time my sister and I had been there. Then we headed towards The Simpson's area to get lunch. They have like a cafeteria type thing inside of building where you can basically get any type of food such as pizza, chicken, and seafood. My sister and I split a meatlover's pizza with a side of tator tots.
Universal Studios Day 2
My sister and I have been collecting all of the flavors of these elixirs and this was the last one that we needed and there is definitely a reason why we waited on getting this one. If you go to purchase one of these and ask them what the different flavors are, you will probably have this one be your last choice too haha. This one is green and so I was kind of hoping for like a green apple kind of flavor but nope, the main flavor that sticks out is mint. I can't really remember what any of the other flavors are supposed to be but with all of them mixed together, it basically tastes like medicine and then a splash of mint after taste. It's the worst flavor out of all of them but we've been collecting them and we're going to add them as decorations on our library wall in the library because they're kind of steampunk-ish haha.

Next, we rode ET because it's a classic and you have to make sure to still ride the classics before they get rid of them (insert sad face emoji here). Our last ride of the day before heading back home was Transformers. If my sister and I got to Universal we typically steer clear of as many 3D rides as possible even though that's like all of Universal's rides. But we will ride the roller coasters a few times each or other rides that don't require you to wear 3D glasses. We get really bad motion sickness sometimes even if we've already taken medication.
Universal Studios Day 2
So here is a photo of all of us that went on the trip! 

We ended up splitting up into two groups and half of us wanted to The Mummy and the other half went off to ride Rock-it. The half that went off to ride The Mummy were kind of too scared to ride Rock-it haha. We were planning on doing single rider and I pretty much won't ride Rock-it without sitting next to my sister or someone I'm super close with incase I need to squeeze their hand to death haha. Plus I love The Mummy! It's seriously such a good ride. However, none of us got to ride the rides we wanted because of issues with the rides but that's okay. We still had a great time and I can't wait to go back!

So as you can see, I didn't really take that many pictures on day 2. I always say that I am going to take so many pictures but then I always forget and by the end of the day I totally regret not taking that many. 

XO, Steph

March 15, 2017

Universal Studios Day 1

Hey guys,

So we recently went to Universal Studios to celebrate a friends birthday! She hadn't been to Universal since she was in middle school and so she decided she wanted a girls trip to Universal for her birthday! We left on Friday morning around 8:30 and drove for 3 and a half hours to Orlando. It was around noon by the time we got there and so we headed straight to the new Harry Potter area that is located inside of Universal.
Universal Studios Day 1
The first thing we rode was Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts. Only two of the people in our group hadn't been on it and so we were all super excited for everyone to finally ride it! It was of course, a lot of fun and everyone had a blast! P.S. All of my photo's are snapchat photos so sorry for the small size and for the quality.
Universal Studios Day 1
Some of the other rides we rode while at Universal include Revenge of the Mummy and then we rode some other's the next day that I will discuss in tomorrow's post. Once we finished with Universal Studios, we hopped on the Hogwarts Express and headed to Island's of Adventure.

While at Island's of Adventure we rode the Dragon Challenge, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and we ended the day by riding Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges. I totally don't recommend riding the last ride in the evening like we did because the sun was already down and so we basically just froze! We actually paid for one of those human air-dryer's to help s dry off and warm up a little. It definitely helped but I personally recommend riding this ride during the day when the sun is high in the sky haha! However, it was totally fun and I think you should ride it at least once!
Universal Studios Day 1
We had lunch around 3 something and we ate at Richter's Burger Co. It was pretty tasty and I would definitely recommend it. However, they literally only two option for burgers on the menu, a plain burger with a select cheese choice and a burger with bacon and your cheese choice. They have a toppings bar and you can add whatever toppings you want. I actually just split a burger with my sister because that's what we typically do whenever we eat at theme parks. They always give you so much food and I hate wasting the food and the money. So we just typically split a meal and we'll get an extra side or something.
Universal Studios Day 1
This was probably one of the best parts of the trip for me because my sister and I also go to theme parks, like all the time, and we have never been able to test out a ride before it opens. I don't even think I realized this was a thing haha. So we got to test out the new Race Through New York featuring Jimmy Fallon and it was cute but the wait was pretty annoying. Granted they were testing out the ride so I can't wait to ride it again to see how they improve it all. I kind of don't want to go into too many details because I'm not entirely sure I am allowed to. I didn't sign anything saying not but they did have signs saying not to take any pictures or recordings of the ride. 
Universal Studios Day 1
So I had to take this picture with my sister because our shirts are from the real King's Cross station in London! We visited it over the summer and went to the Harry Potter set-up there and took our picture in front of Platform 9 and 3/4! You can read about it here!

We left Universal around 7-ish and headed to check into our hotel. We stayed at the Floridays resort which was pretty nice! It was a two bedroom room and I would definitely stay there again because it was pretty close to the theme park as well as Sea World! 

After we checked in, we all got ready for dinner and then tried to decided where to go. We decided on Miller's but then we ended up just getting in the car driving to I-Drive (International Drive) and found somewhere to eat. We decided on Longhorn's Steak House. By the time we finished with dinner it was almost 11 which is probably the latest I have ever eaten dinner lol. I typically don't eat anything past like 8 because acid reflux runs in my family and so I actually ended up having to take an antacid before going to bed haha!

XO, Steph

March 14, 2017

How to Tuesday: How I Make My Forever 21 Clothes Last

Hey guys,

So this might seem like an odd post but I was shopping online at Forever21 looking at clothes to buy and I was also thinking of new blog post ideas because I'm pretty much always trying to think of new blog post ideas haha. And I came up with this one (and a few others but those will go up later). How to Tuesday: How I Make My Forever 21 Clothes Last
So I have some clothes from Forever21 that are probably at least 9 years old or maybe even older and they still look brand new or at least barely worn. And people are always asking me about the clothes I wear and where I get them from and most of the time my answer is from Forever21. I love shopping at Forever21, however, I am extremely picky when it comes to shopping there. I will only buy items that I think will last and since I live about an hour away from a Forever21, I always buy quite a few pieces every time I go in. I'm that girl that brings in like 20 pieces to the dressing room when you're only allowed to have 7 at a time haha. 

But I wanted to share with you guys how I actually take care of my Forever21 pieces.
So for starters, I have a lot of clothes and buy a lot, I mean I probably own over 100 different tops (this includes tank tops, sleeveless, short sleeves, 3/4 length sleeves, long sleeves, plain v-necks, and some other styles) so if think about it, I could wear a different top every single day for like 100 days which means that the pieces that I buy from Forever21 aren't actually getting worn that much. 

However, if I didn't have such an amazing mom that loved to shop and didn't have a credit card to almost every store then I probably wouldn't own so much clothing, which means my Forever21 items would be getting so much more wear and tear. So if we take out the fact that I own a lot of clothes and if I only wore my Forever21 items every single day then they probably wouldn't last as long but I definitely think the way that I take care of them really is what helps to make them last longer.

So I pretty only hand wash all of my Forever21 clothes and by hand wash I mean I throw them in the washing machine and turn on the hand washing cycle haha. But I never dry my Forever21 items in the dryer. I hang dry or lay them flat to dry. Drying clothes in the dryer can be very rough on clothes and if you want to extend the life of your clothes then I highly recommend air drying them. Putting them in the dryer can cause them to pill or get snags. They can also shrink or stretch out in the dryer depending on the material.

Another tip I have is to make sure that you turn tops inside out that having beading on them, sequins, or some other type of details that may get damaged. This will also help to lengthen the life of your items because turning them inside out will protect them from getting on other items of clothing or possible something within the washing machine.

Also I hand wash items from Forever21 even if the tag says it can be washed on the regular cycle and dried in the dryer. I have learned that no matter the brand, washing clothes on the hand wash cycle and then hang drying them can definitely help to lengthen the life of all of your clothes. Yes, it can take so much longer to wash your clothes like this because it takes like 24 hours for them to dry but at the same time, at least your clothes are already on hangers and you can just put them away once they are dry.

Also, I only use Tide detergent. I happen to be allergic to several other brands and so I just try to stick to Tide because I know it won't cause me to break out in hives haha. I don't use anything else when washing my clothes, just your typical tide detergent.

I also do separate loads of hand wash cycles depending on the color. For example, I do a lights load (whites and other very light colors) and a darks load (black and other dark colors).

Like I said earlier, I am extremely picky when it comes to buying items at Forever21, I will search for items that I know are made out of good material and I will typically only buy blousey material tops. When it comes to the dresses, I'm not as picky because I love wearing dresses and I go through dresses so much quicker than I do tops. When I'm shopping for a top, I am sometimes looking for something specific. For example, I am obsessed with buying white tops or black tops and I have a little collection going at the moment so when I'm shopping for a new white or black top then I will look for a good material and I will check it out to make sure that it's already not pilling, doesn't have a snag, or any strings hanging out at the seams. 

I love buying my clothes at Forever21 because they are so cheap and trendy but you definitely have to make sure that you are looking very carefully before you make your final purchase if you want the item to last. 

I only buy tops and dresses from Foever21, I pretty much refuse to buy any bottoms whatsoever. I do have yoga pants and workout pants from them but I'm not counting those as bottoms because I would only wear those in public if I were exercising haha. The reason I avoid buying bottoms from them is because I have bad experiences with their bottoms for example, their sizing is wayyy off. I'm a true size 0 or size 25 depending on the brand and I can barely get into like a size 2 or sometimes a 4 so I don't really recommend buying their bottoms only because I don't agree with the way that they size them. I would only buy a pair of bottoms from them if I absolutely needed to and if it were for a costume party or something.

I have purchased skirts from them in the past but they didn't stay in my closet for very long and most of the never saw the light of day haha. I do have a couple pairs fabric shorts (or scarf shorts) and I still own them and where them but it's mostly just around the house. They are cute and comfortable but so thin and short so sometimes I just don't feel comfortable wearing them in public.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I also hope that it was helpful!

XO, Steph

March 13, 2017

New Series: Designer Handbag Dupes

Hey guys,

So for some people it's the designer label, for some its the style and for some it's both. Which for me personally, it's both. I love designer labels but I also love handbags for their style. However, I have noticed that high-end designer labels tend to create new unique styles more than low end labels or fast fashion stores. I've also noticed that fast-fashion stores or lower end labels tend to design handbags that imitate the high-end labels. And according to Oscar Wilde, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

So with that being said, I decided to start a new series where I find dupes for different designer handbags. I'm crazy obsessed with handbags! I think I have like 30 plus maybe, I'm not entirely sure. I just love buying them and collecting all of the different styles. I typically will only buy designer handbags which I think is kind of good because if I didn't I would own so many more handbags. I'm not even kidding, every time I go to Target or Forever21, I'm like "OMG that bag is so cute" but I shouldn't really buy it because I don't need it and I'm not entirely sure how long it will last even though it would probably last pretty long considering how many bags I have and how many bags I would buy if I bought cheaper bags.

New Series: Handbag Designer Dupes
I know that some people think that buying designer handbags is such a waste and that they cost a lot of money so chances are you will wear one down before you even get a new one. So one thing that I have been doing a lot lately, is buying smaller cross-body bags because they're typically less than $200 which means you can buy a couple of them either at a time or close together and have them last a lot longer. Plus, not to mention, carrying a cross body is so much lighter than having to carry a huge tote or shoulder bag.

So the main reason I decided to start this new series is because I was going to write up one blog post featuring a bunch of different handbags and all of the dupes that I could find and then I realized that was kinda of stupid because that it would take me forever and it would be hard to add to over the years as more designers create new handbags. So I started to create this series where I feature one handbag each post and all of the dupes that I am able to find. This way I can keep adding to it over time or fix things whenever something sells out.

My goal for this series is to find handbags for every price range so that way everyone can have a bag that looks similar to the designer one. You don't always need to be carrying a designer handbag because maybe you aren't going to be in the right situation or maybe you are going to a theme park and don't want to bring your really expensive handbag. You can carry the cheaper version of it and still look just as fashionable and you won't have to worry about accidentally getting your expensive bag damaged. Also, you may just like the look of the bag and want to find something that is similar and not waste your money on something you may only use a few times.

Some of the bags that I am going to feature are included in the picture above and then there are several others that I plan to include as well. And as designer's create new bags over the years, I can add to the series with new dupes that I find. I also might expand the series to shoes, clothes, and accessories. I haven't completely decided yet so obviously I will let you know later on.

I can't tell you when the first post in the series will be because I haven't started working on it yet and I also have a couple of other posts to write and post first. I also have a lot of research to do before I can post them. They will be random and they will not be posted on a specific day.

XO, Steph

March 06, 2017

March 2017 Q&A

Hey guys,

Here is this months Q&A! Enjoy!
March 2017 Q&A
1) Do you still watch cartoons?

Umm, no. I probably haven’t watched cartoons in more than like 3 or 4 years. I used to watch Disney Channel before school started when I was in high school and the kids cartoons would always be on when I first woke up so I would watch those and then whatever came on right after but I wouldn’t really watch them, it was mostly just to have background noise on in the morning, plus when I first wake up, I hate being talked to and I can get annoyed very easily in the morning so I putting on the light kids cartoons was something that helped wake me up haha.

2) Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?

I sleep with the ends tucked in but not the sides, however, eventually after like a couple nights the top sheet usually becomes un-tucked from all sides of the bed haha.

3) What do you drink with dinner?

If I’m at home, either water or iced tea. If I’m a restaurant then either Coke Zero or Sweet tea.

4) Can you swim well?

I can swim but I don’t really know if you could call it “well” haha. I took swimming lessons as a child and I learned a few of the different swimming styles but I totally forgot how to do most of them over the years.

5) Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?

It depends on what it was, if it’s like money then I definitely wouldn’t bury it, I would either save it in my savings account or I would spend it haha. If it’s jewels then I wouldn’t really bury that either, I don’t really wear jewelry so it would probably just hang on my jewelry stand or be in a drawer somewhere.

6) Last person you talked to?

Probably either my mom or my sister. I live with my sister so most likely, my sister haha.

7)  Do you have kids?

No and I don’t really plan on having any until I’m like 30. I’ve never been a fan of being a parent at a young age because you have your whole life ahead of you plus it’s like if I had a kid now then I’ve only really been on my own for about 4 years now which just doesn’t seem like enough life experience to warrant having a kid haha. Granted kids are always a blessing and never a mistake so if I do happen to get pregnant before 30 then that's totally fine because it's what God had planned!

8)  Do you have any special talents?

I can sing and dance but I’m not entirely sure if that counts as “special” haha!

9) Last thing that made you cry?

I have absolutely no idea. I very rarely cry so it was probably a boy like back in august or something. I have never been very emotional and I hate crying!

10) Do you have a crush?

At the moment, no! But I’ll take Nick Jonas any day haha!

XO, Steph

March 03, 2017

DIY Coffee Cup Shelf

Hey guys,

So I have another DIY for you guys! So my sister saw this on Pinterest and really wanted to build it. So technically we didn't really follow any instructions or anything like that, my mom and sister just kind of winged it haha. Also, I didn't really have anything to do with this whatsoever but my sister wanted me to include it on the blog as another DIY so here it is!

So all I know is that my mom and sister went to the home improvement store (I'm not sure which one) and purchased some 2x4's, I think? Then they drew up some plans, measured and cut the wood, and then we started to build it. This was the only part that I helped out with. I helped drill pilot holes for the nails and then hammed in the nails to put the whole thing together.
DIY Coffee Cup Shelf
DIY Coffee Cup Shelf
DIY Coffee Cup Shelf
DIY Coffee Cup Shelf
DIY Coffee Cup Shelf
DIY Coffee Cup Shelf
In order to secure the whole thing, we also used wood glue and nails to make sure that it was sturdy and going to last.
DIY Coffee Cup Shelf
Then my mom and sister measure and cut all of the shelves. Next, they hammered all of them in place. I'm not sure if they used wood glue too but they might have just because it's better to be safe than sorry. 
DIY Coffee Cup Shelf
DIY Coffee Cup Shelf
Here is what it looked like when it was completely put together and they even put some coffee cups on it!
DIY Coffee Cup Shelf
Here's a picture of the nails close up.
DIY Coffee Cup Shelf
DIY Coffee Cup Shelf
They added these to the back and that's how they hung it on the wall. They are also going to add L-brackets to the corners on the inside to make sure that it is really secure and won't fall off the wall considering almost all of our coffee cups are souvenirs from places we've been. 
DIY Coffee Cup Shelf
So here is what it looks like hung up on the wall. We forgot to take anymore pictures of it before it was completely finished but my sister painted it white and then we hung it up on the wall. The wall that it is on is painted a light gray color so I think the two colors go together very well. Plus we hung it right above the bright blue coffee cabinet that we did back in September last year. We decided to take some of the mugs off of it though until we add the L-brackets just to be on the safe side.

XO, Steph

March 02, 2017

My Favorite Things to do at Disney Springs

Hey guys,

Here's another Disney post! In case you haven't noticed yet, I am extremely obsessed with Disney and if anyone has any questions, like ever, just ask! I will probably have an answer for you. 

So there are a ton of new things to do at Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) and it seems like they keep adding more every time I go. I used to love hanging out at Downtown Disney whenever we would take a trip up there and we would typically spend our evenings there because there are so many restaurants there that we would just eat at or we would go on our last day before we  got on the road to get out of town.
My Favorite Things to do at Disney Springs
So if you visit the website for Disney Springs, they have it divided by Shops, Dining, and Entertainment. So I'm going to divide my review like that as well! I'm mostly going to list out the things that I have done and liked and then all of the new items that I really want to try out.


They recently added on a huge shopping section to this mall. I've been to it twice now but I've only actually shopped in the stores one time. I was with my aunt, uncle, and cousin the first time and so we just walked around and explored and then the next time I went back with my mom and so we did some shopping! It's basically like a mini mall there now and I love almost every single store that they have there. They have Lucky Brand, Kate Spade New York, Sperry Top-Sider, and Lilly Pulitzer. Most of the brands are pretty high-end if you haven't noticed, so we didn't end up purchasing too much. When I went with my mom we bought some stuff from Sephora and then Lucky Brand was having an extra percentage off of their clearance so we picked up a few pieces each. I honestly don't even think that I've been able to wear one of the tops that I bought when we went because it's not work appropriate and it's also a little long so I haven't been able to style if the right way.

1) Disney's Candy Cauldron 
2) Sephora
3) Lefty's (The Left Handed Store) I'm actually left handed and so it's kind of fun to go here and see what kind of left-handed items they have! 
4) Marketplace Co-Op 
This store is so neat! It's basically just a bunch of mini stores within one really large store. We visit it almost every single time we go to Disney Springs.
5) World of Disney!
This store is insane and absolutely amazing. If you need to buy any Disney gear before leaving town, you will definitely want to hit up this store because it is huge and they basically have everything you could want there and more! 


So these are the restaurant's that I've tried and then there are several that I really want to try. 

1) Earl of Sandwich
2) Rainforest Cafe
3) Planet Hollywood
4) Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop
5) Portobello Country Italian Trattoria
6) Sprinkles (so I haven't had the one at Disney Springs but I've had some in New York which is where the company originated from. They're pretty good! They're not the best cupcakes I've ever had but they are extremely popular in New York so I would definitely recommend trying them out!
7) I've also been one of the Irish restaurants, however, I cannot remember which one it was that we ate. I think my parent's have eaten at both (we all kind of became obsessed with eating at any Irish place to help reminds of us Ireland haha) and to be honest, it's Disney so I'm sure that both restaurants are fabulous. I think that one is more of a fast food joint though and the other one 

The restaurants that I really want to try include:
1) The Boathouse
2) D-Luxe Burger
3) The Dining Room at Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe
4) Dockside Margaritas
5) Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC
6) FoodQuest
7) YeSake
8) Viola Il Gelato
9) T-Rex
10) Morimoto Asia
11) House of Blue Restaurant & Bar

I also really want to try the Coca-Cola Store Rooftop Beverage Bar because you are able to buy trays of drinks and sample different soda flavors and then they also have a float version as well. It's like going to a wine tasting except you get to drink soda instead of wine haha.


So the only thing I've actually done in their entertainment section is Disney Quest. I've only been a couple of times and it's been a long time since I've been and so I don't really have much to say other than it's fun and I totally recommend it! Some things that I really want to check out are the bowling alley (Splitsville Luxury Lanes), House of Blues (I've always wanted to see a show here but I never have), and Cirque du Soleil. I've seen a movie at the movie theater but it's been a while. I really want to see another one there and try out the dine-in theater portion. Dine-in theaters tend to be pricey and I've never actually done the dine-in portion before so it would be a lot of fun to try it out for the first time at Disney's theater!

So after reviewing the website, I think I might try and convince my family to take a weekend trip just so we can check out all of the new things to do at Disney Springs. There are so many things that we haven't gotten to try or do. They have so many new restaurants and shops. We also heard that they are going to be getting rid of Disney Quest soon and my sister kind of wanted to check it out one last time before it was gone. I've also always wanted to see a Cirque du Soleil show so that would be fun!

So whenever I go back to Disney Springs, I will write an updated post and let you guys know what I think about all of the new things that I tried!

XO, Steph

March 01, 2017

Review of Owning Mirrored Furniture

Hey guys,

So I wanted to do this review because several people were like are you sure you want to buy mirrored furniture? It's going to be such a hassle to clean and it's going to constantly look dirty and you are going to have to clean it all the time. All I heard were negative things from people and so I thought I would give you guys some insight incase you've ever wanted to buy mirrored furniture. 
Review of Owning Mirrored Furniture
So I went online to try and find my nightstands (or should I say nightstand because I only bought one and was planning on buying the other one later) but I wasn't able to find them anymore. So that kind of sucks. I'm hoping that they still sell them in stores but knowing my luck, they probably don't. I included a picture of the table that I use as my vanity and then a picture of a different nightstand that I might have to buy instead if they don't sell mine anymore (insert sad face emoji here)! 

I currently only have two pieces of mirrored furniture in my bedroom but I'm currently thinking of purchasing this piece as well because my room is pretty tiny and I don't really have the space for a full size dresser and then my closet is pretty much as full as it can get and I still have quite a few pieces of clothing at my parents house. I'm also using the bottom drawer of my nightstand to hold my pajamas haha. I currently have a wardrobe thing inside my closet that has drawers and thats where I store all of the stuff that doesn't really need to get hung up such as bras and underwear, swimsuits, workout stuff and other items. So I was thinking of using it to put all of that stuff in and then I could use the drawers for the rest of the stuff that is still at my parents house. However, I'm not sure how deep the drawers are I don't know if they sell this one in the Pier1 stores.

I totally I recommend mirrored furniture. I've had mine for about 2-3 months now and I've only actually deep cleaned it once in those two to three months. And I didn't even really deep clean it. I just grabbed some Windex (not sponsored) and some paper towels and cleaned
the areas that weren't covered with things. For example, on my vanity, I have all of the containers that sit on the back half of the vanity and hold my makeup. I didn't remove these and I didn't remove the lamp that sits on the vanity as well. All I did was remove everything else that I typically don't leave on the vanity anyways and then I wiped down the front half of the top and then I wiped down the drawers. I figured after like 6 months or so it might be dirty enough for me to wipe down the legs but I have a feeling even then won't need to be cleaned for a while.

So far I absolutely love having mirrored furniture. I am a little more cautious with the things that I put on it and I make sure that I always use a coaster because I don't want to leave any marks whatsoever. But if you have furniture that is made out of real wood or MDF you should always be using a coaster because sweaty cups or bottles can be leaves on any type of furniture. However, I should mention that the furniture I grew up with at my parents house had a glass protector over the wood. So all of my furniture was an espresso colored wood (or MDF I'm not really sure what it's made out of) and then a piece of frosted glass over the top. So I was pretty much used to always having to protect the glass. I would never really use a coaster though, I would always just set my bottles of water down in bed with me or I would place a glass on top of a notebook or piece of paper. 

If you have kids then I would only recommend having mirrored furniture in rooms that the kids don't really go in very often only because of how fragile it is and fragile kids can be. If they were to drop something on top of it or run into it, it could end up breaking somehow. I just don't picture mirrored furniture and kids going very well together.

XO, Steph