August 22, 2022

Bridesmaid Dresses

 Hey Guys!

So today's post is about my Bridesmaid dresses! Since I, along with pretty much all of my bridesmaids are long distance, I decided that it would be easiest for everyone to shop online. I also knew that I wasn't going to be that picky about what my bridesmaids wore. I pretty much only had two conditions: navy blue and floor length. Since our wedding is formal, black tie welcomed I want my bridesmaids to be wearing floor length dresses to fit the theme. 

After doing some research online I noticed that there were a few different online retailers to choose from for bridesmaid dresses. The main reason I selected the one I did was because I really liked their site overall, the colors and the style of the dresses, and the feature where you can try on the dresses at home. Basically you rent each dress that you want to try on for $10 and then they ship it to your house, you can try it on for a few days, and then you have to ship it back. They also send out some random coupon codes so some of my bridesmaids have been able to save some money which is nice! I totally feel guilty that they have to pay for these dresses that they will probably only wear once.

I know that a lot of people joke, "Oh you can just shorten it and totally wear it again" or people will say something else about wearing a bridesmaid dress again but I really wanted my bridesmaid to actually be able to pick a dress that they like, doesn't necessarily look like a bridesmaids dress, and hopefully they will actually wear it again. Obviously I know they don't have to but I know that if I were in their shoes I would definitely want to be able to get a dress I could wear again if I really needed to. 

Anyways, the retailer that I went with was Kennedy Blue. This company has so many colors to choose from and so many different styles as well. The prices aren't too bad and like I said they are always sending coupon codes or having some type of sale. I don't think any of my bridesmaids have paid full price for any of their dresses. So far only two of them have actually purchased their dresses as far as I know and the other ones are still deciding on what to get. The two that have ordered their dresses, ordered them in July and they were told that they would be receiving their dresses around November so that way they can have plenty of time to get them hemmed. But considering my dress isn't technically schedule to arrive until January, I think my bridesmaids will have plenty of time to get their dresses hemmed or alter in whatever way they need them to be altered. 

I do feel bad about my bridesmaids having to pay $10 per dress to try them on at home but since we're all long distance and the only other option would have been David's Bridal, I had looked through their dresses and I wasn't really a huge fan of them. Plus, I wanted them to have a lot of options to choose from and I just felt like going with an online retailer was the best option. I did also look at Amazon to see if there was like one nice/decently priced dress on there for all of them to wear but I couldn't really find anything and like I said, I wanted them to be able to pick something that they actually want to wear and not just something I want them to wear. 

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