March 15, 2015

Spring Break 2015: NYC Day 1

Hey guys, my Spring Break from school has officially been over with for about a week now and I really wanted to try and get a post up as soon as I got back home from traveling but unfortunately I caught a really bad cold and I was not really able to do much all week except rest and focus on getting better. Since my trip was so long, I have decided to write a post for each day of my trip especially since I did so much during this trip and I went to so many new places. 

Overall, my trip was amazing and I enjoyed every second of it up until Friday when I woke up with a sore throat and then on Saturday came the fever. I definitely can’t wait to get back to NYC and explore more of the amazing city.

We left hot, sunny Southwest Florida on Thursday February 26th. Our flight ended up getting delayed about 30 minutes but we ended up arriving only about 15 minutes later than was originally planned. Once we landed, we waited for our luggage, grabbed a taxi, and headed straight for the hotel so we could go to bed and wake up ready for the next day.

My sister and me

For the first day we woke up and went to grab breakfast at a coffee shop that was near by, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it and I also don’t remember the name. My mom sister both had bagels with coffee and I had a croissant and water because I am not a coffee person. 

After breakfast, we headed to Times Square because we were staying about a couple blocks away. While in Times Square we did a little shopping at Forever21 because the one in Times Square is absolutely amazing. It's about four levels and I could spend probably a few hours looking through every section. 

We also stopped by the Toys "R" Us in Times because as we were walking by I noticed the very large ferris wheel in the window and I had to walk in and see what it was. We continued to walk around and it was very interesting inside. There was a life size Barbie house that had almost every single Barbie doll inside and a very large dinosaur for the Jurassic Park section. Spiderman and Superman also hung from the ceiling. It was very cool and I would definitely recommend bringing a child there so they can ride the ferris wheel and pick out a toy.

For lunch we ate a place that my uncle recommended to us called Carnegie Deli. I guess they are known for selling extremely large sandwiches, which they are extremely large. My sister and I shared a turkey club and my mother had a pastrami sandwich. They were both very large and we did not even come close to finishing them but they were pretty tasty. 

My mom, me, and my sister
We also took a walk through Central Park and it completely covered in snow (well technically it was a combination of snow and ice). Since we are from Florida and hardly ever leave the state during the wintertime because we don't really enjoy being cold, we had no idea how hard it is to walk on snow/ice. Thankfully our mother has been all over and lived in many states during different times of the year and told us that you pretty much have to skate on the ice. 


The last place we went for the day was the Guggenheim Museum. We had never been to this museum before but my sister and I really wanted to go because it was featured in one of our favorite movies When in Rome starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel. I didn’t take any pictures of the art inside the museum because I wasn’t sure if you were allowed to. The main artist that was being featured in the museum at the time was On Kawara. To be honest, I did not understand any of his work but it was definitely interesting to get to see other types of art other than just sculptures or paintings of beautiful scenery. The way the museum was designed was also pretty interesting. Basically you start at the bottom and then you slowly walk up a ramp that is in the shape of circle. The only downside is that once you get to the top you can either walk back down the ramp and see everything again or you can wait like some people do to take the one elevator. 

I also did not take a picture of the place we ate dinner at because it was honestly a really weird place. We had a really hard time trying to find something for dinner. I’m not sure why but we kept walking and every place we found was either way too expensive or the wait was way too long. We really wanted pizza and apparently the part of town that we were in didn’t see to have a lot of pizza places, which was odd because normally it seems like there is a pizza place on every corner. Eventually, we finally found a place that served pizza along with a lot of other things. I had a slice of cheese pizza and my sister had a slice of pizza that contained a variety of different meats.

It was pretty late after we finished with dinner so we headed back to our hotel and started to get ready for bed because we were pretty ready plus there were three females staying in one hotel room with one bathroom which means it takes us a while to get ready for bed and to get ready in the morning. 

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