Friday, June 22, 2018

Upcoming Summer 2018 Trips

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Upcoming Summer 2018 Trips
Hey guys,

June is a pretty busy month and so is August, however July might be a little boring but I'm kind of okay with that because of how busy June and August are going to be. Granted I still do want to plan and take a trip in July but nothing has really been discussed!

So here is a list of all of the trips we have planned so far:

1) Disney

I'm going to Disney this weekend with my boyfriend and my family! We're just going for one night so he can use up the last two days on his tickets but I'm super excited because we're staying at one of my favorite places, Fort Wilderness Campground! We're staying in the cabins there and they are one of my favorite places to stay. They are so roomy and come with their own kitchen, they're so nice! We haven't picked out what parks we're going to but hopefully we will soon! I'll probably post pictures and maybe blog about the trip once we get back but I haven't decided!

2) St. Augustine

The last weekend of the month we are taking a trip to St. Augustine to visit our friends and see their new house. This trip will just consist of my sister, my boyfriend and I. I am so excited and I can't wait to see everyone and their new house! I also love visiting St. Augustine, it is one of my favorite cities! We took Zach (my boyfriend) for his first trip a couple months ago and I am so excited to go back with him and show him more of the city! It's seriously such a cut and fun town to visit if you ever get the chance!

3) NYC

The first weekend of August, my mom, my sister, and I will be heading on annual trip to New York! I've decided to start calling it that because let's face it, we seem to go every year now! It's our favorite city to visit and there is seriously so much to do all of the time that you can't really ever get bored! It's amazing! If you still haven't booked your trip then you need to right now! You only get one life so you might as well live it to the fullest! 

One of the main reasons we're going here is for my mom's birthday (which was back in April)! We were supposed to go back then but we just had too much going on with work, the house, and other trips that we weren't able to find the time go. My mom wanted to go because they are having a Downton Abbey Exhibit there and it was supposed to end back in May I think but they ended up extending it because it was doing so well and so that's the main reason we're going! My mom, my sister and I all really love Downton Abbey!

4) Miami

OMG guys this trip is probably my favorite trip and the one I'm looking the most forward too because we're actually going to Miami to see Taylor Swift!!! We went a couple of years ago to her last concert series for 1989 and it was absolutely amazing so we all agreed that we had to go to her next concert that was in Florida! It's going to be amazing and I'm kind of bummed that her Tampa concert isn't on a weekend night because that's the city we would have preferred but oh well! It's still going to be such a great show and we're going to have a blast!

P.S. I'm not sure why that last heading wouldn't show up like the rest, I tried several different things and it just wouldn't update to be like the rest!

The trip I want to take in July is a trip to Tallahassee! We have friends that live up there and we typically try to visit them like every 3 months or so since they recently had a kid but lately we've been struggling finding the time to go up there so I'm thinking that a trip in July would be good! Also another reason I really want to go is because my boyfriend has never been to Tallahassee and it's one of my sister and I's favorite cities to visit!

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XO, Steph

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Lighting Choices for the House

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Lighting Choices for the House
Hey guys,

So I'm gonna do another blog post about the house because I really like talking about the house! It actually brings me a lot of joy because interior design is something that I'm really passionate about! So if you ever need any advice about something just let me know and shoot me an email! 

Breakfast Nook Chandelier
Stephanie Kamp Blog: Lighting Choices for the House
So this is the chandelier I picked out for the breakfast nook. I think it goes well with our table and the built-ins that we plan to build. We currently have three separate spotlight lighting fixtures in there so they will need to be redone and rewired before we can add a new lighting fixture but hopefully this is something we can working over the next year.

Front Entryway Lighting
Stephanie Kamp Blog: Lighting Choices for the House
This is what I picked for our front entryway, it's not exactly what I had envisioned but it's close enough. I'm really hoping that we can remove the pole or just not use it which will ring the chandelier closer to the ceiling because we don't have very high ceiling in our house.

Front of the House Lighting

Front Porch Lighting
Stephanie Kamp Blog: Lighting Choices for the House
This is the lighting fixture I want to use for our front porch! I absolutely love how it looks like a pineapple, it's so cute!

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Lighting Choices for the House
These are the lights that will go on the front of the house on each side of the garage door! And they match the front porch light which is perfect!

Kitchen Lighting
Stephanie Kamp Blog: Lighting Choices for the House
This fixture matched the light that we currently have in the kitchen and we have a light above the sink that need a fixture!

Back Porch Lighting
Stephanie Kamp Blog: Lighting Choices for the House
So I haven't really done much planning for our back porch lighting. We have three separate spots for lighting but we're not entirely sure if our ceiling can hold new heavy lights or fans so we need to get that checked out first before we can add change anything! But my plan is to get either 1 or 2 fans with lights and then either a single lighting fixture or two lighting fixtures. We haven't really discussed much for the outdoor lighting but it definitely needs to be updated because it probably hasn't been changed since the house was built! All I know is that I want a fan and some kind of lighting fixture and I'm not sure what to do for the third spot.

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XO, Steph

Monday, June 18, 2018

What to do for my 25th Birthday

Stephanie Kamp Blog: What to do for my 25th Birthday
Hey guys, 

So today's post is going to be kind of short and sweet! My 25th birthday is coming up soon and I am honestly so shocked! I can't believe I'm turning a quarter of a century old! I have little cousins getting their drivers license, starting high school, and starting middle school! It's honestly making me feel so old and I am not a huge fan! But I do plan to celebrate and I want to do something fun and amazing but I'm having a really hard time deciding what to do!

My birthday is less than 6 months away and originally my plan was for my sister, my mom and I to take a girls trip to Italy for like a week or two but we're going on a family trip to Germany this winter instead for about 2 weeks and we all can't take off work for two really long trips. Plus we have random trips before then where we will be requesting off from work. 

I've come up with a couple different ideas but I can't really decide what I want to do! Apart of me wants to keep it super low key and just spend the day with my family and boyfriend, eating some of my favorite foods and desserts and just relax! Another idea I have is to spend the weekend at Disney with my family, just relaxing at the hotel, going to the parks, hanging out at Disney Springs!

Last year I went to Halloween Horror Nights with some of my friends and I had a blast so of course I thought about doing that again but with more people this time! I'm turning 25 so of course I should do it big, right? So we would probably rent house up near Orlando and just the spend the weekend hanging out with friends by the pool, or shopping during the day and then go to Halloween Horror Nights at night. However, the downside is that this trip probably wouldn't include my parents because they aren't really into that type of thing so I'm thinking this one would probably be a no! 

Anyways, my birthday always includes a trip to the cheesecake factory because I don't actually like birthday cake so I eat cheesecake for my birthday instead! It's absolutely delicious and at least I have this part of my birthday covered! Hopefully I'll think of something soon since most of it involved going out of town, we will need to start booking stuff soon!

If you guys have any ideas please let me know in the comments below! 

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XO, Steph

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June 2018 House Update

Stephanie Kamp Blog: June 2018 House Update

Hey guys,

So I want to do a more in-depth blog post on this once I am fully able to take a bunch of pictures after the house has been cleaned but as of right now and probably for the rest of the summer we are taking a break from working on the house! Ever since January of this year we have pretty much been working non-stop on the house. Every free day and weekend that we all have had off we have been cleaning, painting, or decorating the house. We've been working so hard on the house to get it ready for a like a house warming party! We ended up having a Memorial Day party and it was great! We invited friends and family and everyone had such a great time! People rode around on our jet ski and took trips up and down the canal in our kayak! It was such a great day!

Now that the party is over with we are taking a break from working on the house. I'm thinking we probably won't work on it again until summer is over. We have some trips planned for the next couple of months and I really need to focus on finding a new job at least a second part time job until I can find a new full time job! I also want to be able to spend more time with my boyfriend and my family!

Anyways back to the house, to start off with the things that are done are the living room and our library! Which I know doesn't really sound like a lot but considering they are the two main rooms in our house I think that's pretty good! Also, we did buy a fixer upper from the 70's that has not been touched since the 70's so I'm hoping you can guess how bad it really is. Basically every room needs to be updated to this century which means the whole house probably won't be completely done for at least 5 years because the kitchen and both main bathrooms need to be remodeled. I still have a blue toilet and bathtub! But we did redo the half bath that's in the office and it looks absolutely amazing so I am very proud of that!

I think we are pretty much done painting everything for now. Thankfully, because I really don't enjoy painting at all! We've painted pretty much every room inside the house except for my bathroom because it still has wallpaper on the walls that absolutely refuses to come off! So it's definitely still a work in progress! We painted the entire exterior of the house including our driveway and patio floor. The only thing left to paint outside is our garage door which of course we can't decide what color to paint that!

Also, the built-ins in the library are completely done! It took a while but my mom and sister were finally able to complete them just in time for the party! They turned out absolutely amazing and I could not be more proud of them and their hard work! They spent so many weekends working on these shelves and they took so many trips to Sam's and Home Depot to make sure they had all of the right tools and parts that they needed to build them from scratch!

However, there are definitely a few things that still need to be worked on. Some of those things include adding built-ins in the breakfast nook! We really want to add some built-ins with a bench and then we have a round table and 4 chairs that we plan on putting around it. We're not entirely sure if 4 chairs will fit around it once we get done with the built-ins and the bench but we will see. I also want to update the lighting that's in the breakfast nook because it's like four different spotlights and I want to update it to be 1 chandelier. I think it would look a lot better and update the look of the room!

Fo the dining room, I still want a small bar cart and a mirror to go over the shelving unit that we have in there! The shelving unit also kind of still needs to be worked on but that is something that we will work on over time! Other than those two things our dining room is done! It's absolutely perfect in my opinion and it turned out exactly how I pictured it! 

Another thing is that we also want to get a new countertop for our outdoor bar top counter! The one we currently have is dry-rotting and falling apart! Every time you touch it pieces fall off of it, it's pretty bad! I also want to change out the lighting outside and get a fan! We have three different spots for lighting fixtures but we need to make sure that our ceiling is strong enough to be able to hold a fan and different types of lighting fixtures. We also need a coffee table for outside which is something we will have to build. We built all of our outdoor furniture except for our table! The table we recently bought at Sam's and we absolutely love the table because it actually has a built-in leaf and it expends to fit so many people which is amazing! We also have barstools to go with out bar top but they need to be fixed, sanded, and stained! I also think that we need to get at least two more because our counter outside is actually pretty long and I think we could easily fit four barstools at it!

So as you can see we've come along way but we still have a lot of work ahead of us and I can't wait to see how the house turns out once we're completely done with it! I also am really hoping that it will majorly increase the value of the house but we will find out later once we're all done!

Anyways, keep checking back for a full post featuring before and after pictures of all the work we've done so far soon! 

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XO, Steph

Monday, June 11, 2018

June 2018 Update on 25 Things to Do Before I Turn 25

Stephanie Kamp Blog: June 2018 Update on 25 Things to Do Before I Turn 25

Hey guys,

I turn 25 on October 29, 2018! So that means I only have 5 months until I turn 25 to complete the 25 things I have left on my list. I'm gonna be honest, looking back I did not make a very realistic list so I am definitely not going to be able to complete a majority of the items. However, whatever I don't complete I do plan on adding them to a new list called "30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30" because I feel like it might be more realistic the older I get! But we'll talk about that more after I turn 25! Let's take it one age at a time!

Okay so here's the list again to remind you of everything that I am supposed to complete!

1) Travel to Italy

So I will not be traveling to Italy before I turn 25. I just don't have the time or the money. Life is hectic and I really don't know what kind of job I will have here shortly and I don't know how much PTO or time off I will be allowed to take. And the reason I say that leads us to the next item on the list.

2) Travel to Germany

I will also not be traveling to Germany before I turn 25 however, my family does have a trip planned for the December after I turn 25 so at least I will be 25 when we go. We are going for about two weeks and this is why I don't think I'll be able to go to both Italy and Germany in the same year. Most companies only allow you to take two weeks off of PTO. 

I am so excited for this trip because we will actually be going to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland all in the same trip! It should be amazing and I can't wait until December!

3) Travel to Greece

I will also not be traveling Greece! I have no idea what I was thinking and why I put so many countries on my list when I came up with this! I guess I was naive or I just have really big dreams or probably both!

4) Own a house

5) Live somewhere new out of Florida (even if only for a short amount of time)

So this might be something I might do later on in life but definitely not before I turn 25! I definitely don't plan on going anywhere any time soon and you'll find out why later on in the post!

6) Get started on my Masters

I have not started my masters but I have started looking into this! I am actually thinking of going back to school to become a librarian and then once I am working as a librarian I will go back to school part time and get my MBA! This has been a dream of mine but with an MBA you aren't really guaranteed a career at the end of it. Whereas if you get a specialized degree then you are more likely to end up with a job that can lead to a career! I honestly really enjoy school so I still have a goal of getting my doctorate! 

7) Buy a new car

8) Completely decorate a place with new furniture and have it paid off

So our place is pretty much completely furnished! So I'm actually going to cross this off our list! It's not full paid for but we only owe like a few hundred dollars for some items so it will definitely be paid off by the time I turn 25!

9) Improve my French or learn the basics of a new language

I have not done this nor will I be working on this anytime soon! I have like zero time to work on something like this even though I really wish I did!

10) Watch all of the Star Wars Movies

I have watched more of them so I will hopefully have watched all of them by the time I turn 25!

11) Make some blogging friends and maybe experience new things because of blogging

I have not done this and I probably won't be doing this since I did take almost a year off from blogging! But maybe someday!

12) Help my sister publish her book and then maybe read it (haha)

We are definitely still working on this one!

13) Go on a road trip

14) Go to a professional hockey game

I have not done this one yet but hopefully I will before I turn 25!

15) Go to a professional bull riding event

I did this! I went to a bull riding event with my mom and sister last summer! It was actually a lot of fun and I would definitely go again! I would totally recommend it if you've ever thought about going to one!

16) Go a missions trip

So I don't have any missions trips planned for this year, there is one that might church does every year and if they do it again this year then I am hoping to maybe be able to go on it but they haven't mentioned it yet so I will keep you guys posted or it will be moved to my 30's list!

17) Volunteer at a Summer camp

It is summer so I could still potentially do this but I have a feeling I won't be doing this one!

18) Buy a Chanel bag

I'm kind of still hoping to cross this one off my list but it depends on how much money I end up making at whatever new job I get and how much I'll be able to save! So we'll see!

19) Do something that scares me

I did this! I went to Halloween Horror Nights for my birthday last year! This is something I have wanted to do for years and I finally conquered my fear and went! I took a trip with some friends and my sister and we all powered through the haunted houses and scare zones and it was a blast! It is definitely something I want to do again but I definitely can only do it with like a group of 5 or more!

20) Travel to Colorado with my sister

We definitely also won't be going on this trip! Maybe sometime before I'm 30! That would definitely be amazing!

21) Go zip lining

I have not gone zip lining and I don't really know if I will be going zip lining but we'll see!

22) Go tubing/white water rafting

I also have not had the opportunity to go white water rafting or tubing but hopefully it's something I'll be able to do soon because we did get a jet ski so hopefully we can buy a tube and going tubing!

23) Help build a house for Habitat for Humanity

I still really want to do this but I'm not entirely sure how to do this or if will have the time in the next 5 months! I have quite a few trips planned to various places and once I find a full time job I still plan on keeping my part time job at DSW just so I can keep the discount and make some extra cash! So that won't really leave me with a lot of extra time but we'll see! This will definitely be added to my things do before I'm 30!

24) Pay it forward

Once I get a new job and start making more money this is something I plan on doing on a regular basis! I love helping people out and treating them very well!

25) Either be dating, engaged or married

OMG guys I finally have a boyfriend! Which you already found out in my last blog post! He is amazing and I absolutely love him! We plan on staying together and getting married someday! We've already talked about a lot of stuff and what we want out of life! I'm actually dating my best friends brother and I actually knew him for about a year before we started dating and I honestly never would have guessed that we would have dated but I guess that's how it happens for some people! I definitely wouldn't change thing about it and we've almost been together for a year now!

If I didn't write anything under a crossed out one it's because I've already crossed it off my list and wrote a review about it in my last update here! Also you can read the original post here!

Alright guys, that's it for now! This will probably be my last update on this topic until after I turn 25! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm a little sad that I was only able to cross a couple more things off my list but my favorite definitely has to be the last one, obviously! 

Thanks for stopping by!
XO, Steph