December 08, 2016

Office/Guest Bedroom/Workout/Craft Room Inspiration

Hey guys,

So I wanted to give you an update on how the house is going so far. I haven't talked about it in a while and so I thought I would talk about our miscellaneous room!

So honestly this room is probably going to be the messiest room in the house but whatever, we have a lot of stuff and only one room left in the house for the stuff to go in haha. So this room is going to be our office mainly.and then our workout room. 

I just want to start off by showing you guys what the colors of the room are. We selected to do (and by we, I mean my mom mostly and then the rest of us) a navy blue feature wall with light pink walls. We have a lot of blue going on in the house and my mom thought it would be a good idea to do something a little different. And the reason I say my mom is because we kind of gave her this room to design since she helped us pay for the house. We let her have one room to design and I said she could pick any colors except red (that's her favorite color haha). I am not the biggest fan of the color red unless it's Christmas time. 

She selected to do pink and then came up with the idea of doing a navy blue feature wall. We already had the navy blue paint because we are going to be painting another feature wall navy blue in the house. I'm not going to tell you where incase I decide to do an inspiration post on that too. 

So technically this is supposed to be an inspiration but we didn't really come up with the colors until later. But now that we have the colors selected and the walls painted, it has definitely helped with finding inspiration for the rest of the room. 
Since my sister and I each have a desk, we both went on to Pinterest to try and find a design that we liked that included both desks being on the same wall. At our last house they were on opposite walls which was fine because we also didn't use this room as a workout room but now we are trying to combine all four types of rooms into one room so that way we can refrain from having a messy house. I hate clutter and I would rather have one room filled with a bunch of stuff versus a couple rooms throughout the house. 

Currently both desks are on the same wall right next to each other. They have an Ikea Alex drawer unit in the middle of them. We haven't even really started working the office. We got our internet hooked up in there and put a bunch of stuff in there and all of the workout equipment and that's basically it. I think it should come together nicely once we are actually able to get in there and work on making it look nice. We eventually want to find small file cabinets to stick on the end of the our desks just so we can have more storage and put away important documents. We currently uses file boxes and I don't think they look very pretty haha.
I love this creative idea to put your wifi password (and I would probably include the name too unless it's really obvious) in a picture frame for your guests, especially considering how everyone has to pay so much for their data nowadays. I definitely wouldn't hang this one the wall or anything. I would probably place it on a nightstand or on a bookshelf.

I want to get a small nightstand like the one below. I believe it's from Ikea and I think it is perfect because it has room for an outlet strip so inside so we can leave chargers for our guests incase they forget them. Or there will be plenty of room for them to charger their phone.
We have a chair that looks very similar to this except it is navy blue. It's a pull-out couch (technically chair) but it pulls out to be a twin size bed. A twin size bed isn't really ideal for a guest room but so far we haven't really needed anything larger. We don't really get a lot of guests because most of the people we know already live here or were originally from here and they just stay with their parent's when they come to visit. 
Eventually we would like to be able to get a murphy bed that pulls down from the wall just because then we might be able to get a larger bed that can hold more guests.
I also found these pillows and love the colors. I would love to find these pillows or something similar to place on the sleeper chair as decorations. I think that they would go perfectly with the colors of the room.

So my goal for the closet is to turn it into a craft closet. Both my sister and I scrapbook and we also can sew. We also enjoy photography and so it would be nice to be able to store some of our equipment in there. I would like to be able to have a little table set up with the sewing machine on it inside the closet (like the 3rd image) so we don't really have to pull out the sewing machine anytime we need to sew something. My goal is to also have all of our scrapbook stuff very organized so we can scrapbook quicker and we don't waste time looking for something specific that we need.
The workout equipment that we have so far include, a rowing machine and a mini stepper. My mom has already talked about giving us her treadmill because she never uses it anymore and she recently found a new exercise bike that she likes a lot more than the one she has so she has considered giving us her old one if she decides to buy a new one. 

Both my sister and I also have yoga mats that we sometimes prefer to workout on and we also have some hand weights. I want to get an exercise ball and some more dumbbells just so we each have set incase we want to workout together which we sometimes we do a YouTube exercise video together.

If we actually consistently use the workout room then we might add more stuff as time goes on!
We plan on mounting a TV on the wall so we can watch a YouTube workout video or watch TV while working out. We also plan to hang our degrees on the wall in front of our desks on each side of the window. We also have some other artwork that we plan to hang that should hopefully match the theme of the room.  I also want to hang a mirror in the room because I feel like gyms/workout rooms always have mirrors in them. It might also be nice to hang a goal chart somewhere in the room so we can keep track of any goals that we may have such as personal and/or weight goals.

I will keep you guys updated on what actually happens with the room and closet. Also, don't forget to check back to see what other room inspiration post I do next!

Disclaimer: none of the images are mine. I found all of them on Pinterest.

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