February 27, 2015

What's In My Carry-On?

Hey guys, so I am about to head on a jet plane for New York City at the end of this week so I thought it might be nice to show you guys what I carry in my carry-on. I'm sure that everything I keep in my carry-on is stuff that majority of the people carry in theirs but I still thought it might be nice to show just incase I keep something that you may not and you may want to start keeping it in your carry-on.

To start with, since my carry-on has a laptop sleeve built-in I will be bringing my laptop with me because I am a full time student and I never know when I may need it to work on an assignment (even though I will technical be on a vacation). The laptop that I currently use is a MacBook Pro.

Since I am bringing my laptop with me, I will also be bringing my laptop charger with me. I will also be bringing my iPhone charger with me to charge my phone at the airport while I am waiting to board my flight. I unfortunately lost my charger for my iPad mini and so I will not be bringing a charger for that.

This carry-on also has a slot to hold a tablet so I keep my iPad mini in it because it's the perfect spot. I do not always bring my iPad mini with me because the more you put in this bag the heavy it becomes and I also do not always use my iPad mini when I go to places I know I won't have much downtime. However, I plan on bringing it with me for this trip because I will use it to watch YouTube videos or stay up to date on some of my favorite tv shows while getting ready in the morning. 

Another item that I keep in my carry-on is my wallet which is the same wallet that I will also be using throughout the rest of the trip. I will be switching handbags once I get to New York and start walking around because this bag is very large and very  can be very heavy. Plus I also like to switch to a bag that can be worn multiple ways so I will most likely be switching to my Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandoulière 30

So when I traveled to Las Vegas last October my sister and I saw this girl who had snapped her neck pillow around the strap of her bag. We thought this was a great idea and so we decided to start carrying ours like that too because it makes it so much more convenient and easier to carry. I never actually used to use neck pillows because I thought they were silly and that there was no way they could actually comfortable but before we left for Vegas my sister and I decided to buy one and try it out. I highly recommend using one no matter how long your flight is. My flight from Florida to JFK is only about 2 hours and 30 minutes and I still plan on bringing mine mostly because the flight we are taking is an evening flight and I want to try and relax while on the flight because when we land we basically will be heading straight to the hotel and going to bed. Thankfully there is no time change from Florida to New York  otherwise I would probably try to sleep on the plane. 

Another item that I keep in my carry-on is my cosmetic case. The cosmetic case I am currently using is one from Vera Bradley (unfortunately, I don't remember what the name of the patter is). I usually just place a few necessities in their such as a lip balm, a small lotion and hand sanitizer, and a mini mirror. However, once I actually land I will be filling it with more products that I may need to use while I am walking around the city.

Yes, I will be bringing two pairs of sunglasses with me in my carry-on, which seems a little crazy to carry but I did not want to pack them in checked suitcase because I wanted to make sure they did not get squished. However, since my flight is scheduled to take off at 7:45 pm I ended up placing them in my carry-on that I stored in the overhead bin. The two pairs that I selected were my Chanel Cat-Eye and my Ray-Ban Erika’s.

I will also be bringing me a mini umbrella that I bring with me everywhere because I am from Florida and I am just used to it raining all of the time. Plus, every time I checked the weather reports for NYC it was supposed to rain at least one day while I am there if not more. So I figured it would be best to be on the safe side and just bring it with me.

Also, I will be bringing along two sets of headphones. I typically only use the larger ones while on the flight because in my opinion they are so much more comfortable than the ear buds but I like to make sure that I have options and its always nice to have a second pair incase someone else in your family or the friends you may be traveling with forgets their pair at home.

I will also sometimes carry my checkbook with me but that rarely happens because I almost never write checks when I am out in public, I will typically just use my debit card or credit card. However, I will not be bringing it with me on this trip because I figured I would most likely not need it.

Some other items that I will also carry is a bottle of water that I purchase before getting on the plane so I have a fresh cold bottle to drink on the plane because it is very important to stay hydrated when flying. I will also bring a couple new magazines with me to read on the plane however most of the time I will just put on my headphones and listen to music. However, when we fly JetBlue (which we always fly JetBlue to JFK) they have TV screens on the back of their chairs and I will sometimes watch something on TV. 

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February 22, 2015

Sunglasses Collection Part 2

Style # Circe/s 03YG

I received this pair of sunglasses for Christmas 2013. I had picked out a few different pairs of sunglasses to give my parents options and I ended up receiving two pairs, this one and the Tory Burch ones listed below. I picked these ones because I really loved the adorable pink bow on the side and I also really loved the aviator style. However, I rarely wear these because of the nose pads. They are always getting stuck in my hair whenever wear them on top of my head and my favorite thing to do is put sunglasses on top of my head. These sunglasses are currently still being sold on the Kate Spade website for $145. Even though I do not wear them that often, these sunglasses are still one of my favorite pairs.

Style # TY9027

7) Tory Burch

I also received this pair for Christmas 2013. I picked them out because I really wanted a pair with the Tory Burch symbol on the side and at the time she was only selling a few pairs. With that being said, I selected this pair because they were large and a pretty normal style. The other styles that were being sold at the time did not look like they would look good on f. I believe these sunglasses were around $175 but I am not exactly sure, they might have also been $165. These sunglasses are currently not being sold on the Tory Burch website but if you search the style number you might still be able to find them.

Style # Chanel 5281-Q

I bought this pair of sunglasses for my 21st birthday while I was in Las Vegas. We stayed in the Bellagio and there was a Chanel store located inside the hotel, which made it very convenient. This pair is definitely my most expensive and because of that I choose not to wear them that often. They are a cat eye style, which at first I never really liked but when I was in the store I was trying on two different pairs, one pair that was more of a square style and the other pair was the cat eye style. I tried on both pairs several times and asked my sister what she thought and I asked the sales associate what she thought and they both agreed that I should go with the cat eye because I didn’t have that style and because they looked the best on me.

Style # RB2132

I received this pair for Christmas 2014 and I had wanted them for a while because I already own them in black and so I thought it would be good to have them in the tortoiseshell color since they are typically my go to pair of sunglasses but I hardly ever wear this pair. Since I received them about two months ago I have only worn them about 5 times. I have the tendency to select the pair that I will be discussing next instead of these or any of the other pairs of sunglasses that I own. I know that I love these sunglasses because I love my black pair but it’s hard for me to match these with outfits because I tend to wear more black than browns or neutrals. However, I still recommend purchasing these because the color is very classic and everyone should own at least one pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Style # RB4171

I received this pair for Christmas 2014 and these have pretty much become my new favorite pair of sunglasses. They are the tortoise shell color and I absolutely love wearing them. They are easy to throw on and I can wear them on top of my head. I also really love the style of these sunglasses because they are like aviators but with a plastic rim instead of metal. I also think that the style goes great with everything and with my face shape.

I also own a pair of Juicy Couture sunglasses but unfortunately they are no longer with us, well technically they are but they are on a shelf in my closet because a couple years ago they random broke when I to put them on. One of the arms on them completely snapped off and I took them to get repaired but unfortunately there was nothing they could do. So for now they are just sitting in my closet because I don’t really want to throw them away. I received them before I received my Black Ray-Ban Wayfarers and they were literally the only pair of sunglasses I would ever wear for 2 years straight until I received my Ray-Bans.

I also used to own a pair of Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses that my mom and I had purchased from another consignment store but we were pretty sure they were replicas because they had the D&G symbol on the side but they said they were made in China and typically Dolce & Gabbana is made in Italy. Also, they didn’t have any of the serial numbers that normally are printed on the inside of the arms on designer sunglasses. However, I am not really sure what happened to them, I think they broke and so I just threw them away since we assumed they were fake or I might have also just lost them.

I have provided links for some of the sunglasses that are still being sold online or can be found online just click the pink title of each name.

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