July 15, 2022

Wedding Dress Shopping

 Hi Guys!

Happy Friday! I wanted to share a little bit about my experience going wedding dress shopping! First of all, I said Yes to the dress! It is my absolute dream dress and everything I could ever want in a dress. I will not be sharing any details about the dress and only a few close people know which dress I selected. Everyone else in my life, including you guys will just have to be surprised on my wedding day and when I finally get around to sharing a post about the dress after we get married. Anyways, we went dress shopping in Atlanta with my mom and sister. My future mother in law and sister in law were also supposed to attend but unfortunately neither of them were feeling very well and were unable to attend. We did FaceTime with them during the whole process of trying on dresses though so we definitely made sure to include them as I am very close with both of them! 

July 11, 2022

Inspiration for My Bridal Shower

 Hey Guys!

So today's post is another wedding post and it is the inspiration for my bridal shower! This won't be happening until January but like I've said before I will be home for a few weeks in September and I want to try to get as much planning done and decorations made so I'm not leaving it all to my mom and sister to have to do. And I know technically I'm not really supposed to do that but I feel really bad when people do things for me so I have to help out! Also, I kind of feel like it's my bridal shower and since my parents are paying for everything I feel like the least I can do is help with some of the heavy lifting type work.

July 08, 2022

Inspiration for Our Wedding

 Hey Guys!

Today's post is going to be another wedding post! We haven't actually gotten to the planning part yet of the wedding but we have been planning all of the other events that are typically included with a wedding such as the Bachelor/Bachelorette parties and the bridal shower. Our rehearsal dinner is pretty already planned to thankfully. That was probably the easiest and quickest of them all. I will do some blog posts on that as well, including our experience of finding a place and then once we actually have it, I will do a review and explanation of details!

July 06, 2022

My Winter 2022/ Spring 2023 Travel Plans

 Hey Guys!

So this is kind of part 2 of Fridays post! It is a list of more of my travel plans for the later half of 2022 and the first part of 2023. I hope you enjoy!

July 04, 2022

Grand Forks Air Show June 2022

Hey Guys!

Happy July 4th! I hope everyone has a great day celebrating with friends and family! Today's post is kind of fitting because it is somewhat military related! It is my review of the Grand Forks Air Force Base Air Show!

July 01, 2022

My Summer/ Fall 2022 Travel Plans

 Hey Guys!

So I wanted to talk a little bit about my upcoming travel plans! You all know how much I love to travel and go on vacation! lol Except most of the places I am going to will not be new so I don't really count it as traveling so much, just more going back home.