August 22, 2022

Bridesmaid Dresses

 Hey Guys!

So today's post is about my Bridesmaid dresses! Since I, along with pretty much all of my bridesmaids are long distance, I decided that it would be easiest for everyone to shop online. I also knew that I wasn't going to be that picky about what my bridesmaids wore. I pretty much only had two conditions: navy blue and floor length. Since our wedding is formal, black tie welcomed I want my bridesmaids to be wearing floor length dresses to fit the theme. 

August 19, 2022

Ring and Sign Bearer Proposal Boxes

Hey Guys!

Happy Friday! Today's post is about our Ring/Sign Bearer Boxes. We have one Ring Bearer and one Sign Bearer. We haven't picked what sign we want our sign bearer to carry down the aisle and we are totally open to suggestions if anyone has a cute idea!

August 17, 2022

Flower Girl Proposal Boxes

Hey Guys!

So today's post is about our Flower Girl Proposal Boxes! In total we have 3 flower girls, we each asked one member from our families and then I asked one of my closest friends oldest daughter. At the time of the wedding they will all be between the ages of 6-8.

August 15, 2022

Groomsman Proposal Boxes

Hey Guys!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! This week we are continuing with posts about the different proposal boxes for our wedding party! Today's post is featuring our Groomsmen Proposal Box. This was totally my idea, my fiancé thought it was kind of cheesy and I struggled with getting him to pick stuff out! But finally he did and I think that they turned out great. In total he has about 4 groomsmen and then his sister is actually his Best Woman! We didn't give her the best man box because we agreed to give her one of my bridesmaid boxes because she basically a bridesmaid just standing next to her brother on the day of the wedding! We both technically wanted her lol so she's participating in my bridal stuff and then depending on what he does she may participate in the bachelor party! And on the morning of the wedding she will probably be the first one to get her hair and makeup done just so that way she can go be with her brother and help him get ready and stuff! 

August 12, 2022

My Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Hey Guys!

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week and enjoy your weekend! I don't really have any plans for the weekend except for school and wedding planning stuff mostly. My fiancé is gone pretty much all day during the work week since he works in office and so we try to get as much of our wedding planning that we need to get done together on the weekends. I also need to focus on getting as much school done as I possibly can before I leave for my trip with my parents and then my other trips I have coming up as well. I don't really plan on spending those weeks studying or doing any school work so I pretty much have to focus and cram in as much as I can. 

August 10, 2022

Summer 2022 Disney Trip

 Hi Guys!

Today's post is about my recent trip to Disney! I went for a long weekend for the last weekend in July. I flew into Orlando Thursday night almost Friday morning lol and then I flew home Monday night. I got to see my friends that I haven't seen in quite a while. Some of them I hadn't seen since November of 2020 unfortunately due to Covid, getting a new job and us living like 7 hours away from each other. When they told us about the trip I decided that I was going to go even though it wasn't really something I should be spending money on but three of them are my bridesmaids and two of their children are also in my wedding so I definitely felt like I needed to see them since it had been a while. Some of the kids barely even remembered me since it had been so long since I had last seen them!

August 08, 2022

July 2022 Life Update

 Hi Guys!

Happy August! Sorry for taking a couple weeks off from blogging! I got busy with school and wedding planning and honestly I've been re-watching Friends and sometimes I get a little sucked in since the episodes are so short. I also took a little trip which I will be blogging out about this week!