November 15, 2016

How to Tuesday: 3 Ways to Wear OTK Boots

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So today's blog post is all about how to wear over the knee boots a.k.a OTK Boots. Also, I cut about 3 inches of my hair off! I recently celebrated my 23rd birthday and I felt like I needed a change so I thought a shorter new do was appropriate. So far I absolutely love it and I may go like an inch or two shorter next time but I am not entirely sure yet. At this length I can still wear it in a ponytail and I can also curl it and the curl will actually stay almost the entire day, it's wonderful!

Shirt: Banana Republic Factory (old) similar here and here | Jeans: AG Jeans (old) similar here and here | Sunglasses: Burberry (old) similar here and here

You can also of course wear it with a pair of colored pants, white jeans, or black jeans. However, if you do choose to wear it with a pair of pants or jeans that are colored then I would recommend wearing a top with some black detailing to help tie the whole look together.

This is typically how I wear my OTK boots. It's the easiest look in my opinion because you can just put them on over a pair of skinny jeans and you already look like you are super fashionable and put a lot of thought into your outfit haha. Also, wearing them with jeans helps to keep the boots up better because they will typically stick to the fabric.

Jacket: Forever21 (old) similar here and here | Shirt: Ann Taylor (old) similar here | Skirt: Banana Republic (old) similar here and here | Sunglasses: Kate Spade New York (old) similar here and here

It's kind of hard to tell in the picture but my skirt actually has some black detailing in the fabric as well as the blue which is why I thought that the black OTK boots would work perfectly with the outfit. You can always add a pair of tights to complete the outfit if you live somewhere cold but when I took these photos it was probably 88 degrees outside and I was so hot after only wearing the jacket for a few minutes haha.

Sweater Dress: Jeanne Pierre Purchased from TJ Maxx (old) similar here and also love this | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

So my sweater dress is actually a sweater that I purchased at TJ Maxx last year on sale and it's a women's X-Large sweater which just so happens to fit me perfectly as a dress haha. Granted it could be a little longer. It also has slits up the sides and because of this I will typically wear a pair of shorts under it just incase. I have also worn this with a pair of ponte pants and it looked just as good. You can also try wearing it with a pair of leggings or with some tights. It all just depends on personal preference and how much skin you are okay with showing.

My suggestion for skirts and dresses is to make sure that you leave at least a 2 inch space between the hem of the item of clothing and the top of the boot. Don't wear anything longer than that because then it kind of defeats the whole purpose of wearing a boot with a taller shaft. Also, the reason I said leave a 2 inch space is because sometimes you may not be able to wear these boots without wearing a pair of tights or leggings or you may just not feel comfortable wearing them without tights or leggings underneath which is totally fine!

If you have ever been on the fence about purchasing, I totally recommend it because they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes to wear during the fall and winter seasons because of how tall and amazing they make your legs looks. I swear it doesn't matter how short you are or what the size of your legs are, you will still look taller and if you purchase a pair of black OTK boots then your legs will most definitely look skinnier.

Another tip that I have is to wear a pair of over the knee socks with your over the knee boots when you don't plan on wearing them with jeans, tights or leggings. The socks help the boots stay up a lot better because they have something to grip on to. They will still fall a little throughout the day but the socks definitely help to keep them up. I also suggest wearing them even if you do plan on wearing tights because tights can be very slippery which can make the boot fall down even faster.

 I also suggest when tying the boot, to prop your leg up on the counter or on top of your bed or a desk or something because in my personal experience, it seems to make my leg skinnier which helps me tie the boot tighter which allows the boot to stay up even longer.

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  1. Absolutely amazing look in those boots!


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