December 05, 2016

December 2016 Q&A

December 2016 Q&A
Hey guys,

Here is December's Q&A! It's all Christmas and holiday related questions! I hope you enjoy and have a very merry holiday season!

1) Do you believe in Santa Claus?
No, I have never really believed in Santa. I have two older siblings and so they kind of spoiled it for me when I was younger haha.

2) When do you put up your Christmas tree and/or other decorations?
After Thanksgiving! We usually start setting it up on Black Friday.

3) When do you take them down?
Usually like a week or two after the New Year. Sometimes it takes us a little longer to take them all down because we don’t want the holiday to be over with haha.

4) What goes on top of your tree?
An Angel!

5) Do you have any Christmas traditions?
Yes, every year we open up one present on Christmas Eve. We also have Christmas Eve dinner with my mom’s family and we have Christmas Day lunch with my dad’s family.

6) Real or fake Christmas tree?
Real! Living in Florida, it makes it kind of hard to make it feel like Christmas and in my opinion having a real Christmas tree helps to make it feel like Christmas.

7) Do you use advent calendars?
Growing up, no we never used an advent calendar but a couple years ago my sister and I bought one for our house and so we set it up and started using it.

8) What is your favorite ornament?
I don’t really have one specific ornament but more of collection. A few years ago my mom, my sister and I started this tradition where each pick out two new ornaments that go along with our theme. My two themes are cities and shoes so of course my favorite ornaments are all of my Eiffel Tower ornaments which I have collected quite a few over the last few years.

9) Have you ever had a miserable Christmas?
Thankfully I have never had a miserable Christmas. I would say that there is no such thing but if you were to lose someone on or before Christmas then it might make the holiday not seem as cheerful.

10) Do you leave anything out for Santa? If so what?
No, we don’t and I don’t think we have ever really done this. Since I have never really believed, I don’t think we ever left anything out for him haha.

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  1. Do you think when you have kids you are going to push santa/leave stuff out for santa?

  2. I think that I will let them do what they want. I'm not really going to push it, like I definitely don't think I will do the whole Elf on the Shelf thing. It seems super creepy to me haha but if my kids want to believe in Santa then sure. If they flat out ask me if Santa is real then I will probably say no. I almost feel like it's lying and I don't really want to lie to them. But I'll probably have them take pictures with Santa just because it's something Christmas-y to do haha!


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