May 27, 2016

Spring Break 2016 Ireland Day 3

Hey guys, 

So on day 3 in Ireland, we traveled to a town called Waterford, which is where Waterford Crystal has one of their factories. We actually got to tour the factory, which was really a neat experience. We were able to see how the crystal was made and also all the different items that they made out of the crystal. We of course made a couple purchases while we were there. I purchased a really pretty bracelet with a green stone in it (which wasn’t even made at the factory but it was so pretty that I had to buy it) and then I also got a Monique Lhuillier bud vase, which is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommended touring the factory if you are into that sort of thing or if you happen to be on that side of Ireland.

Next, we headed to the Medieval Museum, which is where the picture of the small model town is from. It’s a model of what Waterford City used to look like back in the day. After leaving the museum, we looked for somewhere to eat lunch and we ended up finding a weird shopping mall that had a very large grocery store inside of it. We ate this cafeteria type place where you waited in line to order your food from different stations and then paid for it at a cash register before going to find seats. My sister and I shard a club sandwich because weren’t very hungry. The sandwich was actually pretty gross. The bacon in Ireland is nothing like the bacon that we have in America. It doesn’t look like it’s been cooked all the way through and so it makes it seem like you are still eating raw bacon. It was really gross and I wouldn’t recommend eating the bacon while over there if you love America bacon.

After, leaving Waterford we drove to the Kilkenny Castle, which is located in Kilkenny, Ireland. The castle was very beautiful and it was located on a river and the views were absolutely amazing.

Next, we headed to St. Mary’s Church. We were actually looking for a different building that we had found while standing in the second story of the castle but we unfortunately got lost while trying to find the building. So instead we happened upon St. Mary’s Church. I am not entirely sure if it counts as a tourist attraction but it was really pretty inside and if you are ever exploring Kilkenny, Ireland, you might as well stop inside the church to take in its beauty.  

For dinner we stopped at a place in Adare village called Aunty Lena’s. It was very good and of course I had chicken tenders, which were delicious and I really miss them! Haha I wish I could have had them again before we left. While we were there we got to sit near the fireplace, which was beautiful and toasty warm.

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