September 17, 2018

Job Update: 2 Weeks

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Job Update: 2 Weeks

Hey guys,

So I've officially been at my job for two weeks now! I can say that I have learned A LOT!!! Like so much its crazy! At first I thought my job was going to be boring and mundane but I was wrong! I actually really enjoy my job, it's a lot of fun to do what I do. Everyone I work with is so nice and working there does not make me miss my old job at all. Like I will probably never go back to working at DSW because it just makes me look back and think about how miserable I was there. I am so happy at my current job and I really can't wait to see what the future holds! 

So my official title is Customer Service Specialist. I haven't really gotten too much into the assisting customers portion yet because I don't really know that much yet but I've already taken 2 phone calls from customers that I have been dealing with and I was thankfully able to help both of them and both of them hung up happy so that's good! The first phone call was a little rough because I accidentally left the person on hold for 18 minutes! I thought she had hung up and then she called back but she told me that she had been on hold the whole time! Anyways I was able to solve her issue so thankfully it ended up working out just fine. The second phone call I was able to answer her question without even needing any help from any of the other women I work with so I was very proud of myself! 

So let me explain a little bit about what I do. Even though my title is customer service specialist, my actual role is a permit representative. So what I actually do is sift through all of the documents that our customers give to use when they send us their permit and I make sure that we have everything we might need before the permit gets sent onto the next department. Some permits have to go to different departments for approval before the contractors can start working on the project. It's actually all very fascinating! I really enjoy this job because I'm such a nosy person and this job allows me to find out about things that are being built around town before anyone else! There are also some other things I get to learn about before some people but I'm not really supposed to share of them because I'm technically a government employee now! 

This job also seems to never be the same thing every day! I get to look at the plans for houses that range from $200,000 to $2 million! I also get to learn what restaurants and stores are going to look like before they're even built! It's very exciting and I actually really enjoy my work! I also feel very privileged because I actually am allowed to issue quite a few permits myself. They don't have to be approved by anyone else other than me. It's not too big but I honestly can't believe how many people don't have shutters living in hurricane central haha! Actually my sister and I don't have shutters on our house and most of our neighbors don't either! It's crazy! But the permits that I get to issue include shutters, windows, and doors, certain types of fences, garage doors and there might be some more. I don't think I've technically learned all of the permits that exist yet! 

Crazy thing is that I was kind of on my own after about 3 days! I issued several permits with my supervisor and then once my computer was officially all ready to go I was on my own issuing permits, except my supervisor sits like right next to me so thankfully if I had a question she was right there waiting to answer it! Everyone I work with is so very helpful and no one really seems to have a bad attitude or seems to be negative which is so refreshing compared to my old job! It's like I'm working a real job rather than going back to high school! Anyways, I might do another job update once I'm like 6 months in but I think this is going to be it for now! I hope you enjoyed this post! I will hopefully have another one posted for you guys on Wednesday! Anyways, I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Thanks for stopping by!
XO, Steph


  1. If you are a government employee does that mean you get a pension!!?? That would be so cool! I'd be so jealous! I'm glad you are liking your new job! It definitely seems like a step up!


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