January 01, 2019

January 2019 Life Update

Stephanie Kamp Blog:January 2019 Life Update
Hey guys,

Long time no posts! First off, I just wanted to say Happy New Year! I can't believe it's already a new year and how quickly 2018 just flew by. I pretty much say that every year because it seems like every year just flies by so quickly but I am super excited for the new year and I can't wait to see what will happen. I have so many goals I want to accomplish, things I want to do, and places I want to travel to. The list just keeps growing longer and longer!

So I know it's been a while and I'm sorry about that. I have been super busy basically ever since my birthday month we have been non-stop go in my family. We went out of town almost every weekend from the start of my birthday weekend up until December 17th! The last few months of the year were absolutely crazy. We went to Disney, we went to St. Augustine for our friends kids 1st birthday, then we went out of town for Thanksgiving, then we went to Europe for almost 2 weeks and then right after we landed back in Florida, my sister and I drove up to Tallahassee to celebrate our other friends kids 2nd birthday! We were so busy but honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. Traveling and experiencing new things with the ones I love the most is something I am passionate about and it's what life is all about. You'll sleep and relax when you're dead, am I right? But my current state of mind, is don't leave town ever again. I am all vacationed out! However, we are currently planning our next Disney trip for the 3rd weekend of January and we already have two other trips to Disney Planned so obviously we will be going out of town again.

Anyways, this post totally started out as a December Life Update but then it moved to be a January life update. I have been very slow about writing. I have basically this huge long list of things I want to write about but I seem to have writers block or something or am just lacking the motivation to sit down and write everything out. It's been very frustrating for me to be honest. I want write but whenever I sit down to actually write, it lasts for about 5-10 minutes before I give up.

I didn't really do much for New Years. It's not really my favorite holiday. In the past I have fallen asleep before midnight many times. I mean don't get me wrong, starting a new year is super exciting but at the same time, you really could pick any day at any time during the year to be the "New You." I think we just lack the motivation to actually make changes or start a new diet or workout plan. I also think that a lot of us are scared and so the new year is just an excuse to start over fresh. But it's still another day, the number just changed.

So here's my life update: Life is good, family is good, and work is good! MY family and I have a long list of places we want to travel to this year. We also plan on renewing our Disney passes, because why not? It's an easy fun weekend getaway when you just need a break from the world. I have a lot of things that I want to work on for our house. Our office and garage both really need to be cleaned up and organized. We have slowly been working in each little by little. Sometimes it has the tendency to be a little overwhelming though. We just have so much stuff and sometimes I just don't really know what to do with it all!

Like I said earlier, I have a long list of things I want to write about and some of them are going to be back-dated and I'm going to be talk about some stuff from the past but oh well. It's stuff I want to write about, right? I will also be blogging about my recent trip to Europe and hopefully be doing my typically daily posts on all of the things we did each day we were there. I might not be able to remember some of the stuff though because I kind of forgot to take notes! Well not kind of, I chose to not take notes because I wanted to make sure that I was paying attention and soaking everything up while we were there. The trip was absolutely amazing and breathtaking. I already miss Germany and I seriously would consider moving there if I could convince the rest of my family to move there too!

I think that's pretty much all I have to say so with that being said, I hope everyone has a wonderful year filled with love and new memories and so many fun adventures! Don't forget to check for new posts! I am not entirely sure how often I plan on blogging or if it will just be random posts here and there. The travel posts always take me forever write so I probably won't be posting those until I have all of them written so I can just hit publish and then they will be scheduled to post because I don't want to write one and then accidentally forget to write the next one for two weeks. But hopefully those will be going up sometime this month.

Talk to you soon!
XO, Steph


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