January 10, 2019

Job Update: 4 Months In

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Job Update: 4 Months In
Hey guys,

I thought it would be a fun idea to give you another update on where I am with my job. I'll probably do a couple more of these, like once I hit 6 months and am no longer on probation and also when I hit a year. Which will be February 30th and then August 30th, consecutively. Just to give you a reminder, I am a customer service specialist in our building department for our local county. So basically I deal with our online permits. I take them in and make sure that our contractors gave us all the necessary documents before we send them on their way to get reviewed. Then once they've been reviewed they are sent back our way so we can issue them and give back to our customers. 

So I am still very much in love with my job. It is absolutely amazing! I work with some of the most wonderful people I have ever met in my entire life. Everyone genuinely cares about each other. We all ask personal questions and give advice on certain things that are going on in our lives. We also discuss vacations and tips about places to go and things to see. We don't really get in trouble for talking too much sometimes they encourage it because they know that it makes for a better work environment.

I do have to say though that I know the stereotype for government employees is that we get paid to not work but this is so not true. We definitely work our butts off and we also get yelled at by all of our customers and then Christmas comes around and we get lunches purchased for by companies that we work with and other random treats as a way to thanks for what you do and sorry for being a pain all year. It's very nice and funny all the same time. We also get emails thanking us for all of our hard work.

One of our main problems at work is that our system constantly goes down when we're trying to issue and work on peoples permits. It is very frustrating. We are currently dealing with one of our largest glitches since I started working there and it has been causing all of our work to get super backed up. We're really hoping that this issue will be resolved soon but we're not entirely sure when. We've been told that our system needs an update and that it will hopefully fix our problem, so fingers crossed!

Another thing I love about my job is that things are always changing. Rules are being created and taken away. We get new responsibilities added to our list and other ones taken away. It makes it very nice because then our jobs are never mundane or the same. It makes every day a new adventure. We also learn new things almost everyday. It's crazy how much there is to learn on a daily basis whether you've been there 4 months or 15 years! 

All right that's it for now! Talk to when I've reached 6 months!

Talk to you soon!
XO, Steph


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