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Biloxi Mississippi June 2019 Day 2

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Biloxi Mississippi June 2019 Day 2
Stephanie Kamp Blog: Biloxi Mississippi June 2019 Day 2
Stephanie Kamp Blog: Biloxi Mississippi June 2019 Day 2
Stephanie Kamp Blog: Biloxi Mississippi June 2019 Day 2
Hey guys,

So on Day 2 in Biloxi, Zach and I headed out kind of early in the morning to check out the local lighthouse, the beach, and get some breakfast. We didn't actually "go to the beach" because I guess most people don't really swim or go to the beach in Mississippi. I guess it has something to do with the water there but I'm not entirely sure! But we parked by the lighthouse, and then walked down to the end of the pier that's there. Then we decided to walk down a little bit and walk on the I-110 Loop Walk which is this walk way that like goes around the highway ramp because the highway actually is on the beach and in the water. It was kind of cool but we basically just walked down to the end and then turned around and walked back.

There isn't really that much to do in Biloxi besides the casinos. I'm not really sure what we have planned for the next time but I think all there really is left to do there is the mall and maybe a museum or two? I will have to do more research! But once we left the beach we decided to get some breakfast and found this place called Fill-up with Billups. It was a cute restaurant but it was kind of small. We actually ended up eating there two mornings in a row. We went back the next day with my mom and tried some new foods!

Once we were done with breakfast we decided to go back to the base and just hangout and spend some time together catching up since we weren't able to talk for about two months! My mom went out and explored the town a little bit more. She checked out some antique stores and then the mall.

In the evening we decided to check out a couple more hotels! We went to the Golden Nugget so we could eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company because Zach had never eaten there either. Next to the Golden Nugget was the Margaritaville Hotel, which is what we checked out next! Some of the hotels are kind of set up weird there because the first floor is like the equivalent of a mud room. You enter the hotel and then go up escalators to get to the lobby and check in area. For Margaritaville, you enter the first floor and then the second floor was actually an arcade which was great because that's where we spent like the next hour or so just playing games. I'm not a huge gambler so the whole arcade thing was a lot more fun for me!

We then headed back to the base and Zach and I decided to go bowling, which is not something I do very often because I suck at bowling and I don't really enjoy it but I thought it would be fun to go. So we checked out the bowling alley and I got 1 strike the whole two games we played and probably like 10-15 gutter balls! I am that bad at bowling! Needless to say he won! Onee we were done bowling we had to say goodnight and I drove him back to his dorm.

Sunday was our last day and we left pretty early in the morning because we had to make it back home the same day! It was a very long drive but we survived. We ate breakfast in town with Zach and then headed back to the base to say our goodbyes. Saying goodbye is my least favorite thing to do and it's never easy. I usually always cry! I never cry at hellos, I only ever cry at goodbyes! I grew up with a father in the military and the goodbyes have always been the hardest part for me but saying hello is always easy and the best feeling of overwhelming joy!

Talk to you soon!
XO, Steph

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  1. I'm surprised you don't cry at the hello's too! I'd think you'd be so excited and happy you'd cry!


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