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Life Lessons with Steph: Dealing with a Stressful Job

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Life Lessons with Steph: Dealing with a Stressful Job

Hey guys,

So currently I do not have a stressful job, which I am so thankful for! I absolutely love my job and the people I work with. Everyone is so amazing and kind and I could not be happier! I obviously wish I was making more money but it's okay. I honestly think that at this point in my life, my happiness is most important to me because I'm young and it's not like I'm planning my retirement anytime soon. Although, lets be honest, it would be totally amazing if I was haha!

Okay so if I'm being honest, I don't really have much experience for this particular topic but I do have some ideas and I also am the type of person that tends to get stressed out easily even though I try really hard not to. Also, I've really only worked 3 real jobs in my entire life so I don't really have that much to go on. However, I've done other things growing up such as teach dance classes, babysit, dogsit, and a few other things here and there over the years. As I've mentioned a few times on here, I did not work the entire time I was in college. After I graduated I took a trip to Europe for a couple weeks with my mom and sister and basically lived off of savings for the entire summer after I graduated. I really did not know what I wanted to do with my life. I think I was really struggling with this because my whole adolescence I basically told myself and everyone I spoke to that I was moving to New York City and that I was going to work in fashion and become this super amazing, cool person and then when the time came down to it, I chickened and totally said I am not moving to New York.

Looking back it was such a crazy idea! I don't know anyone there, I couldn't afford to live there, and most importantly I didn't have a job there. I think it would have been a completely different story if I had friends or a family member who already lived there then I definitely would have taken the huge leap of faith and moved out there but I literally knew no one! And I was running low on money so I had to get a job!

My first job was working for a radio station as a semi freelancer where I would work events and basically promote the radio station. The company had 3 different stations and depending on the event I would have to promote one of the stations. This job was a lot of fun and it surprisingly paid more than my more steady job which was retail. I got my second job at DSW and this was the job that I actually relied on for my income. The radio station was basically just extra money. So if I'm being honest, the reason I wanted to write this article is because I have and have had some people in my life who have experienced stressful jobs. I know working is not fun but unfortunately it's a part of life and we all just have to put in our time so we can earn our retirement and then settle down, do some last minute traveling all before we leave this beautiful Earth! Not to sound morbid or anything but seriously, that's basically the cycle of life!

Anyways, my retail job is what I will be basing most of this off of because this was seriously the most stressful job I've ever had. And when I say something is stressful I don't just mean like what you actually do for the company, I mean the people you work with and the company you actually work for. Also, if you work in a customer environment then that can definitely make your job more stressful as well. 

One thing I have learned about working so far is that you are not going to be able to make everyone happy and that's okay. You just need to learn how to manage that and work with everyone the best you can. My advice is that you absolutely do your best and try your hardest. I also recommend that you don't overthink or overanalyze everything. Getting and staying in your head will be your worst enemy. I also recommend that you don't really have a reaction when something happens. One thing that my boss does when someone comes over with a mistake she just says okay and fixes it. It really makes us feel like there is nothing that can't be fixed because in reality there isn't when it comes to most jobs. I mean if you're a doctor and you kill a patient then that's a different story but with most jobs almost everything can be fixed. Your best bet is to just stay calm and not overreact!

Something I recommend to help you cope with a stressful job is when you get out of work, try really hard not to think about work. Maybe find a hobby or a tv show that you really enjoy and just indulge yourself in that. Work should stay at work and not follow you home. You only get so many hours a day at home, especially if you work full time so you definitely need that mental block to help relieve some of your stress. One thing that my sister and I do when we get home from work is talk about our days and get our feelings out and then we move on! We make dinner, we watch a show or two, do some things around the house and then call it a night.

I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to reading more! I also really hope that if you have a stressful job that things either workout or you are able to find one that you enjoy more! Working is such a major part of your life and life is too precious to let something like a stressful job get in the way! Spend time with your family, friends, and other loved ones! And don't forget to enjoy all of the amazing moments that life has to offer!

Thanks for stopping by!
XO, Steph

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