Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Boston Day 2

On day 2 in Boston we took the train out to Harvard to walk around the campus. I am obsessed with Legally Blonde and even though the movie wasn't filmed there, it is based off of Harvard so it was really fun getting to walk around the campus and the town of Cambridge. We did some shopping at a couple of the bookstores in town. It was also graduation day on campus which is crazy! The whole entire lawn and down the sides of buildings is pretty much covered with chairs for people to sit in. They also have screens for people who don't have a view of the stage can watch people walk across. It made my college graduation look very tiny haha!

We then decided to walk around a bit and find MIT which is kind of spread out a lot more than Harvard. We did go to the MIT museum though. It was kind of fun to explore. They made these little metal creations/machines that would like do different movements. Some of them were a little weird and other ones were super cute.

After that we got an Uber to take us to one of the local malls in the area because we wanted to check out the Pandora store since the one we went to the day before was a bust. They were basically sold out of their entire new collection and everything that had to do with Boston. Thankfully since we had just gone to MIT and seen these cute little machines we saw a very cute Robot charm and that's what we got as our Boston charm. We also checked out the Old Navy while were there and I bought a new dress and we also bought tote bags because they charge for bags in every single store you go in, in Boston. This is not something we knew about before we went so we decided to buy some totes so we could carry those around instead of having to pay for shopping bags everywhere we went. 

Next, we headed to the harbor to check out the USS Constitution and the USS Casin Young. Our dad was in the Army so growing we pretty much had to stop at every military related item whenever we would travel somewhere. The ships were only open for like another hour by the time we got there so we had to check them out pretty quickly but both ships were pretty cool. One was more of a modern warship and the other was a really old historic wooden boat. I am awful at stuff like this so I'm not really sure what either one was made out of but I'm sure you get the point haha!

Next we headed to find some dinner and we both really wanted some pizza and we ended up finding a place in like their Little Italy district and the pizza was not very good. Neither of us liked it and I don't think we finished it. We think it had some kind of weird sausage on it and that's what made it taste so strange to us. After, we finished with dinner we headed back to our hotel and called it an early night. Both of us were very tired and we had dinner plans the next night so we figured we might as well rest up!

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