Thursday, September 5, 2019

Boston Day 3

On day 3 in Boston we did quite a bit! It was probably my favorite day even though part of it was spent in Salem. We also did a lot of walking around this day and covered a lot of Boston. In the morning, my sister and I got up and walked down to the harbor near Fanueil Hall and took a ferry from Boston to Salem. We took a tour of The House of Seven Gables. We then walked around the town a little bit looking for filming locations for Hocus Pocus! We also participated in the Salem Witch Trials at the Salem Witch Museum. It was very interesting and we did not stay for the whole thing but that was mainly because we had to leave for the 1 o'clock ferry or be stuck there until like 3 and we had nothing left on our list to do.

Once we got back to Boston we decided to start walking the Freedom Trail. We weren't exactly at the beginning but we figured we could do like half of it one day and then finish it the next day. We also had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe because this seems to be our thing! We enjoy checking out Hard Rocks in different cities. Our first stop on The Freedom Trail was Paul Revere's House. We did a self-guided tour of the house. I don't really remember all of the stops along the way but if you follow a walking tour online, it's fun to walk around the city and see a lot of the historic sites. 

We walked all around town and made our way to Newbury Street, which is like their version of 5th Ave in NYC. This is where the restaurant was that we were going to dinner. We also checked out Johnny Cupcakes, which I totally thought was a bakery up until we got there! But my sister bought a shirt from them and I got a couple stickers! That was pretty much all the shopping we did for the day except for random souvenirs that we had bought throughout the day.

This last picture is from dinner! We met up with some of my boyfriends family members in the city and we had some really good pizza this time! It was a really fun night, we all got drinks and pretty much just chatted the night away. They had never met my sister before so it was nice to be able to introduce them all. We all got along really well and we just talked about life and jobs and family!

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