June 20, 2022

Update on 30 Things to do before I Turn 30

Hey Guys!

So I have a little less than a year and a half left in my 20's which is beyond crazy to think about. I am definitely nowhere near ready to turn 30. I still feel like I'm 22 most of the time. Honestly, this whole aging experience is kind of weird. I guess if I had settled down much sooner than I might feel differently but I am so happy that I did not settle down. I am so happy that I can still go to Disney or Universal at 28 and not have to worry about bringing a stroller with me, I honestly feel like that life is for your 30's lol. I never wanted to settle down early. Growing up I always had a rule that I would not get married until I was at least 25 and I think that a lot of this had to do with my parents getting divorced from their first marriages and not remarrying until they were in their 30's as well as my love for travel and independence. 

With that being said, I love kids and I am so excited to have them but not until I'm in my 30's! I definitely don't think that kids a burden by any means, I think that they are a wonderful gift and I can't wait to experience being a mom! I do know that life gets a little more challenging and stressful once you add kids to the picture though. You can't just leave the house on a whim anymore, you have to pack everything that the kids need and snacks of course!

Anyways today's post is giving you guys an update on my 30 Things to do before I turn 30! Some of these items were taken from the original list, 25 Things to do before I turn 25 as I was unable to complete them. And looking back now when I wrote the original list, boy was I ambitious! I had big dreams and plans for myself. From the original list I only took the items that I was unable to complete and then I added more items until I got to 30. Now since writing the 30 list I have only been able to cross off 4 items. I traveled to Germany with my family back in December 2018. I recently moved out of Florida to North Dakota only temporarily and since living in North Dakota, my fiancé and I watched through all of the Star Wars movies so that was fun! Lastly, in 2020 I bought my dream mom car, an Acura RDX! It's bright blue with red and black interior which is my actual dream.

 1) Travel to Italy

This might be happening sometime next year, I am actually thinking of planning a trip in October of next year with my family either when I turn 30 or sometime before I turn 30. 

2) Travel to Germany

3) Travel to Greece

This is actually where I really want to go for my 30th birthday next year so this might also be happening but we will see!

4) Travel to Iceland

This definitely won't be happening before I turn 30 but maybe sometime before I turn 35. My fiance and I really want to do some traveling before we have kids and we plan on having kids sometime between when I'm 30 and 32 so maybe we'll get to hit up Iceland for a few days.

5) Travel to somewhere in Canada

This is doable! Where we live in North Dakota is only like an hour and a half away from Canada and we keep talking about taking a trip so probably sometime before we move back to Florida! I just have to get my fiancé to get his passport!

6) Travel to back to Ireland

My fiancé and I are currently talking about going to Ireland as one of the stops on our honeymoon so we will see!

7) Travel to Norway, Sweden, and Finland

Traveling to these destinations will also be part of our honeymoon. We are doing a family vacation with his family right after our honeymoon so that way we don't have to pay for flights to Europe so many times next year!

8) Travel to Scotland

This probably won't be happening but you never know!

9) Travel back to Paris

This is the main destination for our honeymoon for me at least but we definitely plan on making a stop here!

10) Live somewhere new out of Florida (even if only for a short amount of time)

11) Get started on my Masters and finish

I am still working on this but it will be done before the end of this year!

12) Improve my French or learn the basics of a new language

This won't be happening, I unfortunately don't have time right now to learn a new language or even practice my French but I so wish I did!

13) Watch all of the Star Wars Movies

14) Help my sister publish her book

I definitely don't know a thing about publishing a book and unfortunately the book has still not been published. She has kind of given up on it for now but will maybe pursue the idea again someday once she's found a career she really enjoys and has settled down a little.

15) Go to a professional hockey game

This will probably happen because we live near an arena where they have professional hockey games all the time but unfortunately it's not season right now.

16) Go on a Mission Trip

This probably also won't be happening but hopefully sometime before I turn 40!

17) Volunteer at a Summer Camp

Once I have kids, I definitely plan on doing this all of the time so this will probably be moved to the 40 list as well!

18) Buy a Chanel Bag

I definitely won't be buying a Chanel bag before I turn 30! Unless my financial situation changes drastically I probably won't ever buy one. Honestly, I don't know if I could ever bring myself to buy one just because of the price alone. They are so expensive and I feel so guilty when there are people out there who have like nothing.

19)Travel to Colorado with my sister

This might happen before I turn 30 because I have never been to Colorado and in order to cross off all of the Continental United States I have to take a trip to Colorado. Maybe we can take like a quick girls trip and check the place out. 

20) Go Zip Lining

I still really want to go zip lining but I am terrified of heights and the older I get the worse it seems to get. So this might not happen until I have kids and they are a little bit older and they can force me to do it with them! lol

21) Go tubing/white water rafting

I don't think I will be doing this one either. Honestly, it seems like a lot of fun but at the same time it seems terrifying and dangerous. 

22) Help build a house for Habitat for Humanity

This probably won't be happening only because I'm not that highly active in volunteering anymore but if I end up working for a company that offers paid volunteer days off and they have connections with Habitat then I will definitely look into it.

23) Remodel and fully update the house I own with my sister

This is like 80% done. The only major item left in the house that needs to be renovated in the kitchen. We have all of the appliances, we just really need new cabinets and a better layout in my opinion. 

24) Buy another house and flip it

This will definitely not be happening. My fiancé and I might look into this in the next few years and then turn it into investment property rather than flipping. We don't really know where we will end once he gets out of the Air Force and we also don't really know what our family situation (kids) will look like or our financial situation will look like. 

25) Own investment property

You could kind of say this was accomplished since we turned out house into an Airbnb but at the same time I'm not really crossing it off since my sister and I don't really own any other property. We both are just in temporary living situations right now and will hopefully each be getting settled somewhere sometime next year. But neither of us know where either of us are going to end up yet.

26) Buy my mom car and have it paid off

27) Go to a professional Basketball Game

This may or may not happen. I am not a huge sports fan at all and I also don't think I live anywhere near where a professional basketball team plays right now so we will have to see.

28) See a concert at Madison Square Garden

This probably won't be happening and I'm not entirely sure why I added this to the list. While I think this would be really cool and I don't really care that much about the arena. I just care about the fact that I'm actually getting to see whoever I'm seeing in concert!

29) Visit all of the Continental United States

This might happen. I think I only have like 7 states left so it really just depends on where the next year and a half takes me!

30) Buy a fun car and have it paid off

This might happen but it might not be paid off. We still haven't decided what kind of car we're going to be buying for my fiancé but we talked about maybe a little sports car and just using my car for when we need to transport the kids somewhere. Also we plan on me being a stay at home mom so I would really only need to be the one to have the car with the car seats. 

I hope you enjoyed this update! 

Thanks for stopping by!

XO, Steph


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