August 17, 2022

Flower Girl Proposal Boxes

Hey Guys!

So today's post is about our Flower Girl Proposal Boxes! In total we have 3 flower girls, we each asked one member from our families and then I asked one of my closest friends oldest daughter. At the time of the wedding they will all be between the ages of 6-8.

For their boxes each of the girls got a cute Unicorn shirt that says Petal Patrol on it. They also got a pair of flower sunglasses, a ring pop, some Albanese gummy bears, and two Minnie Mouse scrunchies. Their boxes were also filled with the same white crinkle filler paper as the rest of the boxes. So far only one of the girls has received their boxes. Two our of the 3 girls know that they are going to be flower girls but the 3rd one I am waiting to ask in person when I go home in a few weeks and that's when I will give her her box. 

The images below is an example of how one the boxes turned out! 

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XO, Steph


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