February 15, 2015

Sunglasses Collection Part 1

I decided to do this post not to brag about the items that I own but because I personally enjoy reading posts like this or watching YouTube videos about the different collections that people have such as sunglasses, shoes, and handbags. I also wanted to do this post incase anybody is interested in buying a designer pair of sunglasses sometime in the future and needs a little guidance about which brand or a certain style to buy.

I love shopping for sunglasses and I can definitely say that my collection is not complete and I am not entirely sure if it ever will be complete. I typically buy at least one of new pair of designer sunglasses a year because I always fall in love with a new style and I am always trying to grow my collection. Sunglasses are my favorite accessory to buy and wear and you will almost never see me leave the house without a pair.

Every single pair of sunglasses except for the second pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses that I own came with a dust cloth for cleaning. All of them also came with a case and I pretty much choose not to buy a pair of designer sunglasses unless they come with a case because most of the time you are also paying so much money because of the case that comes with them.

I decided to list these sunglasses based on the order I received/ purchased them. I hope you enjoy reading about and viewing my collection of sunglasses.

Style #FS421 214


This was the first pair of designer sunglasses that I ever purchased (well technically my mom purchased them for because I did not have a job or any money). I was in 8th grade and we were out shopping and decided to go to a consignment shop that we had never been to before. We were looking around the store and we were about to leave when we noticed that they had some nice designer items locked in a glass counter/case and my mom saw them first and asked if I wanted to try them on. So of course I did and then we saw that they were pretty cheap for high-end designer sunglasses. Unfortunately, I do not remember how my mom paid for these sunglasses however since I was so young and because they were used I’m guessing the price was not over $100. I rarely wear this pair mostly they were my first pair and I really would like to keep them as nice looking as possible but also because as I got older and I continued to grow so did my head which means that they are just a little snug and I can only wear them for a few hours before they start to give me a headache. I also choose not to wear them as often because they are a brown color and they rarely ever match any of my outfits.

Style #MMJ 054/N/S

2) Marc by Marc Jacobs

I believe I received this pair of sunglasses about a year later when I was a freshman in high school. I received them as a Christmas present from my parents (but technically my mom since she picked them out). I think she got them from a Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th Outlet which is a place I highly recommend buying designer sunglasses from because they typically offer an extra discount off the outlet price.  

At the time I loved this pair of sunglasses because I was really obsessed with wearing extremely large sunglasses but now that I am older I rarely wear these and typically only pull them out a few times a year. However, I still love the style and how large they are because they really block the sun out and also because people always tell me how this style looks really good on me because of my face shape (which is round).

Style #MMJ 187/S

3) Marc by Marc Jacobs

I honestly cannot remember when I received this pair of sunglasses but I am going to assume that it was either for Christmas or my birthday because my parents rarely buy me expensive designer things for absolutely no reason. Since I know this was a gift from my parents, I do not know how much money they were. I would assume somewhere around $80-$150. I would also assume that they were also purchased from a Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th Outlet. I love this pair because of the color and the adorable bow that is on one of the arms.  

After I received these, I actually lost them for about 2 or 3 years. I assumed that they were stolen when I took my car to get washed at a local car wash but I guess they were just accidentally pushed and lodged under the seat so far that I couldn’t see them. They were eventually found a few years later when I took my car back to the same car wash and the guy who was vacuuming my car found them under the seat and I asked me if I had been missing them. It was actually a very funny story because I refused to go back to that car wash for many years because I had assumed one of their workers had stolen them.

Style #RB2132 901/58

4) Ray-Ban Wayfarer

I purchased this pair of sunglasses on a random day unlike the rest of my sunglasses. I had wanted this classic pair of sunglasses that almost everybody owns because they go with everything and they are just so simple but beautiful at the same time. I purchased this pair because my mom happened to be in need of a new pair of prescription glasses and sunglasses and had ordered some from LensCrafters. So when we went to pick them up and have them shaped to her face, the sales associate that was helping us noticed me staring at the Ray-Bans and asked me if I wanted a pair. I, of course said yes but I didn’t really want to pay for them but then he said that even though I didn’t need prescription glasses or sunglasses my vision/ eye insurance would cover a new pair of sunglasses each year. So I ended up only paying around $75 for this pair because my insurance covered the rest. However, I have never actually purchased another pair of sunglasses this way again even though I feel like I should take advantage of the discount.

This was the last pair of name brand/ designer sunglasses I received for a while which I was okay with mostly because these were literally the only sunglasses I would ever wear because they go with every single outfit. Also, they are light and small and I am able to just grab them and go and not have to worry about being super overprotective about them. This pair of sunglasses probably will always be my favorite pair of sunglasses and if you are going to spend the money on a pair of name brand sunglasses this would definitely be the pair I would recommend.  I also believe that this style looks amazing on everyone no matter your skin tone or face shape, it just depends on the style within the Wayfarer collection and the size you buy.

Style #RB3044 L0207

5) Ray-Ban Aviator

I want to say that I received this pair of sunglasses for my 17th birthday however I cannot remember exactly when I received them. I asked for this pair because I had a pair of aviators from Forever21 but unfortunately they broke. So after they broke, I figure it was time to splurge and get a pair of Ray-Ban aviators that probably/ hopefully won’t break as easily as my pair from Forever21. I love this pair of sunglasses and I plan to purchase this style again but in a different color. The only downside to wearing this pair of sunglasses is that you cannot wear them on top of your head because of the nose pads. Whenever I put them on top of my head the nose pads always get stuck in my hair. However, they are such a classic style and I highly recommend everyone add them or a similar pair to their sunglasses collection.

Thanks for stopping by! Check back for part 2 of my sunglasses collection sometime this week or next week!


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