February 01, 2015

January Favorites

 I received this wallet as a gift for Christmas from my parents because back in October for my 21st birthday I bought the matching Tory Burch York Tote for when I travel. I like to make sure that when I buy a new handbag I have the matching wallet that goes along with it just make it look more coordinated but at the time I also had my eye on something else so I ended up not buying the matching wallet and decided to tell my parents to get it for me for Christmas. This wallet it amazing, it has so many slots for debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, and I.D. It also will probably fit a checkbook and your passport along with other important items that need to be kept in your wallet. The price is a little expensive if you are not used to spending that much on a wallet but I totally recommend this wallet. I honestly believe that it will also last for many years because it is made out of Saffiano leather, which is known as a really sturdy leather.

 I have been listening to this song on repeat this past week because it is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend that anyone and everyone purchase this song. Yes, it was written for the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie (if you’re not into that, try to get past it it’s just a movie) but it is still a fantastic and beautiful song. The music video is also pretty interesting to watch. Ellie Goulding has an amazing voice and she is a wonderful dancer.

 I purchased this Nars palette back in December and I have been using the different blush options almost every single day. I purchased this palette because I wanted something I could travel with that gave me a lot of options to choose from plus I love Nars blushes. This palette contains 3 blushes, 1 highlighter, and 1 bronzer. I love all of the color choices for the blushes; they each go perfectly with my skin. The highlight is really pretty; it has specks of glitter in it that shimmer when in the sun. I already own another palette from Nars that contains the same Laguna bronzer and so I already knew that I loved it. The color is just right, it’s not too dark or too light.

4) Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Black

I have been wanting this bag for the longest time but I could not decide between the Mini Mac, Mac, and the Mac Daddy. The Mac Daddy is an extremely large bag and when I saw it in person I was knew that I did not want a crossbody bag that large and that me with two choices, the Mini Mac and the Mac. I ended up asking for the Mini Mac in black with gold hardware for Christmas and ended up receiving it and now that it has been about a month I love the bag but I am not that big of a fan it because the opening is very small and it is hard to get anything in and out of it. I think that in a few years I may purchase the larger size in the black with the gold hardware so I can have the option of choosing a different size depending on what I am doing, where I am going, and what I am wearing. However, if you want a nice crossbody bag that holds a decent amount of stuff I highly recommend this bag because it is only about $200 and it is a durable bag that will last a while.

This is a new TV show on MTV that comes on on Monday nights at 10 pm central time. I have recently become obsessed with this show and I can’t wait for every Monday night to watch it. If you are looking a new show to watch this is definitely one that I recommend and I normally cannot stand shows that are on MTV. This show is about a girl who is a hacker that is working with the cyber crimes unit of the New York City Police to figure out who a serial killer is.

Lately I have enjoying a bowl of this for breakfast every morning, which brings me back to when I was kid (which I know was not that long ago). For breakfast, if I choose to eat cereal, I normally select one the Cheerios flavors but occasionally I like to live a little and grab cereal like Rice Krispies or Fruit Loops both which a delicious but unfortunately not really that healthy for you. 

I also received this Toothbrush for Christmas and I absolutely love it. There are so many reasons why I would highly recommend purchasing this toothbrush such as the color options and the many features it has to offer. It comes in three different colors, which include black, pink, and white. This toothbrush offers 5 different levels, which includes, clean, white, polish, gum care, and sensitive. My personal favorite is probably the polish level because it is quick and really intense and it makes it feel like you have just been to the dentist. However, I do not recommend using that level every single day. I have wanted an electric toothbrush for a while now and I selected this one because it is great for traveling. The brush head is removable and replaceable and can be stored in the case that comes with the toothbrush. The case also acts as its charger when you are traveling. All you have to do is connect the case to the wall charger and leave the toothbrush in the case so it can charge. Also, the way you charge this toothbrush when you are at home is by placing it in the little cup that comes with it. The cup sits on a silver charging base that plugs into the wall and you can leave the toothbrush in the cup all day to charge and the cup can be placed on the counter next your sink. It is a little pricey compared to other electric toothbrushes but I would have to say that it is worth every penny. It also comes with a 2-year warranty (as long as if you remember to register it) and when I registered mine they also offered me another 6 months of warranty.

I recently received a sample of this with my online Sephora purchase and I love using this every morning after I have washed my face, I apply it and allow my lips to soak up the moisture from the balm and then when I am done with my makeup and hair and I am ready to walk out the door, I will add my lip last to make sure that it is fresh and vibrant. I highly recommend purchasing this product because it is amazing and my lips feel so much softer since I have started using this product.

This album came out last November (2014) but I just recently purchased it and I have been slowly memorizing all of the lyrics to the songs. Some of the songs are interesting (meaning not really my style) but most of them are very catchy and I enjoy listening to them. Aside from Jealous and Chains, my two favorite songs off the album are Warning and Avalanche featuring Demi Lovato.

This bag was also another Christmas present. However, this present was not really planned. I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted this Christmas and so I gave my parents a couple different options to choose from because I could not make up my mind and thankfully this is bag they (and by that I mean my mom) ended up selecting. I love this bag very much and I am so glad that this is the one that was selected. I have been using this bag every single day this past month and I love the size and the versatility. It has the short handles, which allow you to carry the bag with your hand or place it in the crook of your arm. It comes with a longer strap to allow you to wear it crossbody style or just draping from your shoulder. Even though it is not very large, it is a very roomy bag and allows me to carry a large wallet, my checkbook, my cosmetic bag, a pair sunglasses and their case, a mini umbrella (since I live in Florida and you never know when it will rain), and other random things that I have thrown in there throughout the day. I also love the color, it is very vibrant and I am glad that I was given this bag because I do not have any bags this color.

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