May 04, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hey guys so I know this is a little late and that Mother's Day is less than a week away but I wanted to put this together to give you guys some ideas about what you can do to say thanks to your mom for all she has done for you.

I love buying the Sephora Favorites because they are the best way to try out products without having to purchase the full size. This works out really well for people who have sensitive skin (like I do) and they want to make sure the product will not break their skin out with acne or a rash. Also new makeup palettes in an excellent gift because it will last her a while and she will be able to create many different looks using just one palette. 

The Tory Burch York Tote also comes with matching accessory that you could purchase as well. Some of the accessories include the York Zip Passport Continental Wallet, York Small Makeup Bag, York Zip Card Case, and the York Multi-Task Smartphone Wristlet. Tory Burch also has shoes to match the bag as well depending on which color you purchase. They only come in two colors Black and Camellia Pink. I own this handbag in the large version and I love it because it holds everything I need when I am traveling or just out and about working on my laptop (I did a review on mine if you want to check it out here). My mother and my sister both own the smaller version and they both love theirs because it's not too large and it still holds a lot.

If you like the Kate Spade necklace (number 4) they also sell matching earrings and a bracelet (but only in the white color). I personally own and love the NuMe curling set. It is the only curling wand that I have found that actually works extremely well on my hair. When I use this curling wand, the curls last all day and still look beautiful 8 hours after curling my hair.

Some other items you could purchase your mom include taking her out to dinner if you plan on visiting her or if you live in the same city, you could also try doing a spa day at your local salon or you can always purchase a gift card for her favorite store.

I will try to create a better gift guide next year and also make sure that I have it up a couple weeks before mother's day to allow for shipping. 

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