May 01, 2015

Spring Break 2015: DC Day 8

Hey guys, 

So day 8 was our last day in DC and honestly I was so ready to leave because by this time I was getting sick and so I wasn't feeling well plus I was also really tired of the cold weather. I just wanted to get back to warm sunny Florida! 

This was also the day that my sister left but she actually flew home because she had to be at work the next morning. My parents and I ended up driving home. We were supposed to stay another night but like I said, I just wanted to get home and sleep in my own bed. So we headed back home in the afternoon and drove until like 6 to eat dinner and spend the night in a town in Virgina. 

We ended up getting to see two museums very quickly before we left. The two that we went to were the national museum of natural history and the national museum of American history. 

We checked out the Natural History Museum first and while we were there we checked out the animal exhibits, the dinosaur exhibits, and a jewelry and gem exhibit. The jewelry and gem exhibit was my favorite because all of the necklaces and rings that were on display were insanely gorgeous and a lot of them were owned by royalty. 

The second and final museum we went to was the National Museum of American History. We mostly went there to look at the dresses that the First Ladies wore for important events. After we finished with that exhibit we walked my sister to the metro and she the subway to the airport and got on her plane. We ended up going back to the same museum to look at a couple other exhibits before we headed back to the car to leave.

I will not be doing a post for day's 9 and 10 because all we did was drive back home to southwest Florida. For day 9 we stopped in Savannah, Georgia to visit with my brother and his family. We ended up going to dinner with them and then breakfast the next morning with his family and my cousin and her husband. Then after breakfast we got back in the car continued driving back home.

Overall the trip was a lot of fun! I definitely prefer NYC more than DC but it was funny getting to visit both cities in one trip. I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip and I hope you learned about some interesting places to visit.

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