May 09, 2015

Shoes for Spring

Hey guys here a few shoes that I have had my eye on for this spring. I really like wearing bright and pastel colors during the springtime because they remind of blooming flowers. Plus most of the time you typically only wear very basic colors during the wintertime so it's nice to be able to wear something bright and cheerful.  My three favorites are 2, 6 and 9. Unfortunately number 10 is no longer available but I basically just love the style of the shoe not necessarily that specific color. 

So I know I haven't posted anything in a few days and I am really sorry about that. This post was actually supposed to go up on Saturday and the post that will be going up tomorrow was supposed to go up on Sunday but unfortunately I was unable to get them ready before I went out of town. I actually went to Disney/Orlando for the Mother's Day weekend because we had one last day of our Discover Disney Tickets to use up before they expired (but we actually ended up upgrading our tickets to seasonal passes because we are already planning a trip to the Food and Wine Festival in October that Epcot hosts every year.)

To make up for missing a few days I plan on posting a two posts a day for a couple days once I am able to get a few together. I was on such a good roll for a little while but I just got too busy with other things before we left for our trip. I hope these shoes give you some inspiration during your next shopping trip!

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