May 09, 2017

Furniture Ideas for the House

Hey guys,

So here are few furniture items that we are considering purchasing for the house.

So we've had our breakfast nook table for a few months now but I am having the hardest time picking out chairs to go around it. Our plan is to build a built-in bench which will hopefully hold seats for two people at the table and then I really want to find 4 smallish chairs to fit around the table so that way we can have seating for at least 6 people (even though only 2 people live there haha). So I have a few options but I honestly don't know if I'll ever be able to pick haha. 

The main wall in our library is teal so I was thinking it would be nice to tie it all together since the whole area between the breakfast nook and library is all open but then it's kind of hard to do that because I'm not sure if they're the same teal. I'm also conflicted because what if I want to change up the color scheme of the table and I have teal chairs, then this limits my color options a little. I also think that they might not really go with the table that well. I was thinking about doing maybe a dark gray or charcoal but then that might not even go with the table either.
I'm also having a hard time picking between farmhouse and industrial. The table is very farmhouse so apart of me feels like we should stick with farmhouse style chairs but then industrial chairs would help to tie in the theme of the library. 

These are the chairs that actually match the table. We didn't buy them with the table because I didn't know if I liked them enough to spend the money on them. I originally wanted completely different chairs but now I've changed my mind and I'm trying to find chairs that will match with the theme of both rooms better. But we'll see what ends up happening. 

I like these chairs for the industrial look but my issue is with the wood. The top of our table is wood and I'm just not sure if the two woods would look good together. However, my sister says that she doesn't mind mixing woods but I'm having a hard time picturing them going together. They don't really look like they would match but they would definitely match the theme of the barstools we have picked out.

These are the barstools that we picked out. We have a counter height bar area (as opposed to a bar height) and we both agreed that they would go very well with the theme of room plus we both really wanted this style, where the top can screw up or down. In the beginning we both really wanted comfy barstools with a back and a lot of cushion but I feel like these would look so much better because we'll be able to just slide them underneath the bar and it won't look like there's a whole lot going on in that area.

So far this is the coffee table that we have picked out for our steampunk themed library! It is very industrial and will hopefully go with the rest of the room very well.
So for the couch for the living room area, I really wanted 2 navy blue velvet couches but I was having a really time finding ones that I liked so I decided to change my mind and change the color and design of the couch. I am now going with a grey sectional with a pull-out couch and a chaise. I found one online that I liked but now I am having a hard time finding it again so I may have to do some more research find a different one that I like. We also have two chairs that we are still going to recover in blush pink velvet fabric and have them be conversational chairs in one of the corners of the room and then if we ever need more seating options we can just move them on over. We also added an extra chair right next to the TV and it is my black and white houndstooth chair that my mom and I recovered a few years ago. It was supposed to go in my room but unfortunately my room is too small and the chair is too large to fit haha. Currently that room has a lot going on at the moment with a lot of different colors and patterns but I think once it all comes together, everything will look absolutely beautiful!

Also, I know I haven't done too many fashion related posts in a while and mostly just because I haven't gone shopping in a while because we've been spending most of our money on our house. My sister and I are also having a hard time finding time to shoot because we don't get very many days off together and then when we do, we're usually doing chores around the house/ working on the house or going grocery shopping haha!

However, I did recently buy a few new items and I'm hoping to shoot some outfits either this week or next week. I am just waiting for some stuff to come in the mail!

P.S. Everything is from Target except for the chairs that actually go with the breakfast nook table.

XO, Steph


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