May 08, 2017

Trips I'm Currently Planning

Trips I'm Currently Planning
Hey guys,

So this is kind of a random blog post and one that probably won't come true but there are several trips that I would like to go on this year if I had the money and/ or vacation days off from work.

The first trip on the list is a trip to Disney! This will most likely be a day trip even though it would be super nice to take a long weekend in May or June and stay at one of Disney's Resorts. I'm trying not to request too much time off from work right for certain reasons so I don't think that it will be happening but we will see! 

Right now I am trying to plan a trip to Mississippi with my sister sometime between june and august because currently that Grammy Museum in Cleveland, Mississippi is hosting The Taylor Swift Experience and I would really enjoy being able to go. Granted this would probably only take like a day or part of a day to do so after the museum I would love to be able to go either one of two places, Nashville, Tennessee or New Orleans, Louisiana! I've technically been a couple of times to Nashville but I am obsessed with Tennessee and I hope to someday own a cabin in the woods there. On the other hand, I have never been to New Orleans and my sister and I have been talking about going there for the last 4 years so I think it. Our mom went a couple of years ago for a work trip and we tried to get her to take us with but unfortunately she couldn't and my sister had to work anyways.

Another trip I'm planning and really hoping on going on is a trip to Italy! My sister and I have been dying to go for the last couple of years mostly because we love the movie When in Rome with Kristen Bell haha! We would be going on the trip in October to celebrate both of our birthdays and we would most likely be going with our mom! The main cities that I want to visit while we are there are Rome, Venice, Florence, and Milan! If I were planning my dream trip we would start off in Nice, France and spend a couple nights there and then head to Monte Carlo, Monaco and spend a night there and explore the city! My sister and I are also obsessed with the movie Monte Carlo with Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy. We would then make our way to Italy starting in Milan, then Venice, Florence, and finally Rome. I would also like to add the Amalfi Coast onto the trip as well and on our way down there I would like take a pit stop in Naples so that way I can say I've been to Naples, Italy haha! I live very close to Naples, Florida so I think it would be fun to be able to say I've been to both Naples! And then we would head back to Rome after visiting the Amalfi Coast for a night or two and fly out of Rome.

Another trip I'm trying to convince my family to go on, is to Germany this December because I was doing research one year and discovered that Germany goes all out for Christmas and almost every town has Christmas events and Christmas themed markets. Every city is also all decked out for Christmas and apparently Christmas is a really big deal in Germany so I thought it would be fun to take a trip there in December. My family is also part German so I've always wanted to take a trip there to see where my ancestors came from haha! My dad also lived in Germany for a few years because he was stationed there with the military when he was younger.

I will keep you guys updated on what actually happens! And if any or all of them happen then you can bet I will be doing daily travel posts for each trip! 

XO, Steph


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