May 03, 2017

House Update Spring 2017

Hey guys,

So I wanted to give you guys a little bit of info about our house and how it's coming along so far. We recently had our TV break on us so we ended up getting a new one that our parents actually bought us for Easter and then we also purchased a new TV stand to go with the new TV. I honestly had the hardest time picking out a TV stand because I found a blush pink one on Pinterest but it was just and advertisement for something else and not the TV stand. I tried searching for the stand but unfortunately I wasn't able to find it or anything like it and we honestly have so many DIY projects going on at the house that I didn't even want to attempt to add another one to the list haha. After not being able to find the pink, I have a really hard time picking a different color, I thought about doing white but then I didn't really want that because it seemed so boring and I was also worried about it showing marks if it ever got scratched or damaged somehow. So then I was doing some more research and I remembered this line of colorful furniture that Target sells. It's called the Windham collection and they have a bunch of different furniture options from desks, to bookshelves, to coffee tables and they also offer them in a bunch of different colors (unfortunately pink is not one of them). So I chose a navy blue TV stand since we decided against the navy blue velvet couch. They have two different size options for TV stands in the navy blue and after measuring and looking at prices we decided to go with the larger one because our living/family/great room is actually pretty large. Like if we wanted to couple probably fit two large couches and a couple chairs in there and still have room for some more furniture. This was my original plan but now we're going to get a large grey sleeper sectional with a chaise.
House Update Spring 2017
Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing a bug problem so we're actually staying at our parents house. We went out of town a couple of weekends ago to Disney for the Flower and Garden Festival and while we were out of town we decided to bug bomb our house because it's always good to do that sometimes just to make sure the house is bug free. We hadn't been receiving pest control for a little bit because we didn't really feel like paying for it and we thought we could just do it ourselves but unfortunately we thought wrong and now we're probably going to start paying for it because it is so worth it! My sister and I absolutely hate bugs so it's seriously freaking us out that we are dealing with this. The bugs that have currently taken over our house are carpenter ants and as I'm typing this our house is currently being treated for them and hopefully they will go away soon! Thankfully our parents only live like 5 minutes from us and are currently on vacation in Hawaii so we have the house all to ourselves!
House Update Spring 2017
I also recently hung up some more art pieces that I've had for a couple of years now but never actually put up anywhere. Thankfully they kind of go with the whole steampunk/vintage feel of our library and we had the perfect wall for them to go on!

The next projects that have on our list is to hang up some pictures in our office, hang up a DIY lighting fixture that my sister wants in the library, add some steampunk themed shelving to one of the walls in the library, and start working on building our built-ins. We also want to work on our lawn this month. We don't really have grass growing in our lawn, it's mostly just dead or random weeds. We also have this planter box in our front yard that we want to plant some hydrangeas in. We also want to plant some kind of citrus tree and then remove some bushes that are in the front and back yard. The previous owner had them surrounding the pool cage and since we live in on the water it makes it kind of hard to see the water when a bush is blocking your view. There are also some bushes taking up room in our dog run and want to be able to provide as much room as possible for our dogs to be able to run around and have fun!

XO, Steph


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