August 19, 2016

Where I Want to Travel Next: International Edition

Hey guys,

So today's blog post is going to be a little short but here is a list of the places around the world that I want to visit next.

I've technically already talked about the first three in this post here but I feel like I should mention them again because they are on my list of where to travel to next!

1) Italy

This is something my sister and I have talked about doing for a while. We're also really obsessed with Italian food so I think it would probably be the only country I visit and actually enjoy the food.

2) Germany

I really want to visit Germany because I am part German and my dad was also stationed there for many years when he first started out in the Army.

3) Greece

I think that certain parts of this country are absolutely gorgeous! Plus I am dying to see what the water looks like. I'm the only one in my family that has a desire to travel here so we will have to see who I end up going with!

4) Iceland

Some of my sister's best friends traveled here not too long ago and they had an amazing time and totally recommend going. Plus my sister and I always Groupons for a trip to Iceland and we totally want to buy one, one day and visit the country.

5) Norway

Obviously this one is because of Frozen! Who doesn't love Frozen?! I've wanted to visit the country before the movie came out but after it came, I only wanted to visit the country even more.

6) China

I have always wanted to travel to China ever since I was in Elementary school because I am obsessed with panda bears! I really want to be able to see them in China, in their natural habitat (if that's even possible haha). I also created a replica of the Great Wall of China when I was in Elementary school and ever since then I have always to travel to China.

7) Dubai

I've pretty much wanted to visit this country every since the Kardashians visited. It looks absolutely beautiful and I love how futuristic the who city looks. I also know a couple people that honeymooned there and they talk about how they wish they could go back already.

8) Japan

The main reason I want to visit Japan is mostly for technology. I also am really obsessed with Times Square in NYC and I really want to see what Japans version looks like. I've also already seen what London's look like so I feel like I should just see all of the "Times Square" areas around the world (haha).

9) Bora Bora

This desire also stemmed from the Kardashians. I believe they stayed at the Hilton over-water bungalows and the whole trip looked like a dream vacation. Which obviously it was because I'm sure they didn't pay for a single part of it. But the rooms they stayed in looked so luxurious and the water looked absolutely beautiful.

10) Costa Rica

I'm not entirely sure when my fascination for Costa Rica started but I have been talking about taking a trip here with my sister probably for the last 4 or 5 years. We really want to see volcanos and go zip lining through the rainforest.

P.S. None of these are in a specific order, they are just the next 10 places that are on my list to visit!

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  1. Hey that's an awesome list, I've always wanted to travel to Greenland or somewhere like Norway to experience the northern lights. I hear they are surreal!


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