October 10, 2016

Fall 2016 Trip Day 1

Hey guys,

So today's blog post is a travel diary from the 4 days my mom, my sister, and I went out of town to celebrate my sister's birthday! We hopped in the car around midnight on Friday morning and drove through the night and we made it to Savannah, Georgia around 9 something in the morning. I didn't actually drive that much at all and the reason we left so left/early was because our main destination was Wilmington, North Carolina which is about 11 plus hours away from Cape Coral and we wanted to make sure that we had plenty of time to spend there. So we left after my sister got off from work because she works evenings. 

The first location we stopped at wasn't technically on our list but it was one of the places that we wanted to visit. The theme of our trip was Nicholas Sparks movies and so our main goal was to try and see as many places as possible that had been seen in a Nicholas Sparks movie. So our first stop was the Wormsloe Historic Site which technically has a plantation on it as well but unfortunately you aren't able to see the plantation because it is still owned by the family. However, the rest of the property is really and fun to explore. They are also known for having the worlds longest oak lined road. It is absolutely gorgeous and that is actually where I photographed this outfit!

The Nicholas Sparks movie that was filmed here was The Last Song with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. They used the oak lined road to film a couple shots and the plantation is supposedly where "Will" aka Liam lived.
The next stop on our list was Tybee Island, Georgia which is also where parts of the last song were filmed. This is where "Ronnie" aka Miley and her dad and brother lived, this is also where the pier is located and the church where her father's funeral is at. However, the church was purchased a few years ago, moved to a new location, and is now being used as a wedding chapel. It pretty much looks completely different than the movie and they even added on and built a second building attached to the original.

When we first got there we parked down by the lighthouse and ate across the street from the it at a restaurant that is located near the beach. We also walked out onto the beach to check it out and it was really cool because their beach had a bunch of swinging benches that you could sit and relax on.
Next, we checked out the lighthouse because my sister had never been before and she really likes lighthouses. We didn't end up going up it but the property has a couple of buildings/houses that you can tour to see what it would have been like back in the day for the lighthouse keeper.
After we finished at the lighthouse we got back in the car and drove a little bit more around town. We ended up going to the opposite end of the island and we found the pier where the movie was filmed and we also found the wedding chapel before leaving town.
Next, we headed in the car to Wilmington, North Carolina which is our end destination for the trip.  My family discovered Wilmington a few years ago when my dad was stationed in North Carolina and we had taken a couple trips there and we fell in love with the city. The city is known as Hollywood of the East.

We rented a house while staying in the city and so we found our house, brought our stuff inside, and decided what we should do for dinner. We were actually staying only a few blocks away from the main downtown area so we walked downtown to find somewhere to eat since we had basically been stuck in the car all day. We ended up eating a restaurant called Fat Tony's and this is the same place that we had eaten at before but we didn't even realize it until we walked inside.

This time we decided to eat outside on their back patio which was pretty nice. It would have been much nicer during the day because you would have been able to see the Cape Fear River but that's okay!  The food is really good and I totally recommend this place. We ordered a salad to share and we got meat lovers type pizza. 
After we finished with dinner we headed back home and went to bed because we had a very busy, fun-filled weekend ahead of us! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing looks like fun! Great tips.


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