October 06, 2016

Holy Grail Beauty Products: Drugstore

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So here is the post that was supposed to go up last Friday! It's the last installment in drugstore week and I hope you guys like it! Here is a list of 10 of my holy grail beauty products that are from the drugstore. Most of the items that I have linked below are from Ulta but they can be found at pretty much any drugstore or Target! The products include makeup, skincare, and other items that are beauty related. These items are products that I have repurchased several times and have learned that I can not live without them when it comes to my beauty routine. I will also be doing a high-end version of this post.
Holy Grail Beauty Products: Drugstore

1) RIMMEL LONDON Stay Matte Pressed Powder

This is my all time favorite pressed powder, I don't really use any other one. I own several different brands but this is the only one that I have repurchased several times. I always buy the transparent just to let you know. It does come it different shades but I prefer the transparent because I just use it to set my makeup and not add more color to face.
Holy Grail Beauty Products: Drugstore

2) MAYBELLINE Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer

This is my favorite drugstore concealer for highlighting. I use this to create triangles under my eyes and on my forehead, down the bridge of my nose, my cupids bow, and I also draw an X on my chin. This stuff is seriously the best and I have purchased so many bottles of this it's crazy. I have also tried out different shades but my two favorites are the lightest shade and the highlighting shade.

Holy Grail Beauty Products: Drugstore

3) MAYBELLINE Baby Lips Lip Balm

I think I own almost every single color of these from all of their different lines. But this one is specifically my favorite because it's clear. You can put it on when you are looking for some moisture for your lips or you can put it on top of a lipstick to make your lips a little more soft. 
Holy Grail Beauty Products: Drugstore

4) L'ORÉAL Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color

So I had never purchased this product until they collaborated with Lily Pulitzer for her Target collection. I purchased 3 different colors and I absolutely love them. They are creamy and they last for quite a while. You can eat and there will still be a little color leftover. But you do have to be careful and make sure you don't put too much on because it can get on your teeth.
Holy Grail Beauty Products: Drugstore

This is my favorite drugstore face wash. I have been repurchasing and using it for years. I love the smell and the color (it's pink, duh!). This face wash is also very simple and basic, it's not too harsh and the reason I use this one is because it will typically use it to give my face a break whenever I run out of the more harsh face washes that I use. I will use a high-end face wash and then switch back and forth between the two when my face needs a break.
Holy Grail Beauty Products: Drugstore

6) BIORÉ Combo Pack Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

I have been using these pore strips for years. They are pretty much the only ones that actually work. I have tried other brands from both the drugstore and high-end and these are still my favorite. I like to buy the combo pack so it comes with strips for either your forehead or chin and it comes with the nose strips. I know there is some controversy behind pore strips but I only do it about once a month or every other month so it's not that damaging to my skin.
Holy Grail Beauty Products: Drugstore

7) NEUTROGENA Fragrance Free Makeup Remover CleansingTowelettes

These makeup wipes seem to be everyone favorite and they are mine as well. I have been using them probably since middle school and I think that they are great. They are pretty cheap and they don't smell bad or have any harsh chemicals. They are also very soft and soothing for your face. Lately, I will only use one to remove my makeup and then I am currently using an oil cleanser for my face so I will let the oil cleanser remove the rest of my makeup. But sometimes I will use two, it just depends on my cleanser and how much makeup I am wearing. 
Holy Grail Beauty Products: Drugstore

This is my favorite face scrub, however, it is extremely abrasive. I have terrible acne scars on my chin and so I like to use this specifically there to help remove the top layer of skin because this will eventually help to reduce the scarring. This face wash is also great because target makes their own version at a cheaper price! This scrub also smells really good which is an added bonus!
Holy Grail Beauty Products: Drugstore
9) E.L.F. COSMETICS Online Only Powder Brush

This is my favorite face brush that you can buy at the drugstore. It's an amazing quality, it works really well and it's super cheap! I have tried other E.L.F brushes and I am not the biggest fan but this one is definitely one that I recommend you purchase. I typically use it when applying RIMMEL LONDON Stay Matte Pressed Powder.

Holy Grail Beauty Products: Drugstore
10) ARDELL Duo Lash Adhesive Clear

This is the only eyelash glue that I will buy. It's the only one that works (in my opinion) and I really only prefer the white shade as well. I have tried the black and I didn't really like it as much. It took longer to dry and I just think that it's a lot easier to use the white glue.

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