October 12, 2016

Fall 2016 Trip Day 2

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So on day 2 in Wilmington we tried out the popular Dixie Grill which recommended by everyone online and the owner of the house that we were staying in. I ordered a Belgian Waffle and it was pretty tasty but it definitely wasn't the best Belgian waffle I've ever had haha. However, I do recommend checking out the restaurant though mostly because it didn't seem like a lot of the places served breakfast there.
Once we finished with breakfast, we headed over to the Bellamy Mansion which is probably my favorite historical home. I have visited a lot of historical home and plantations over the years and this one is my favorite because of the square portion of the house that you can see at the top of the picture. This little room is called a Belvedere and it is amazing! It is a little room at the very top of the house with panoramic views. I wish houses were still built like this because I would totally make that area my office space. It would be amazing to just go to the top and look out on the city and write blog posts or get other work done.
This adorable house was located on the same street as ours and I love the look of it! 
Next, we headed out of Wilmington and to the little town of Southport, North Carolina. This little town is where they seem to do a lot of filming. This is basically where they filmed the entire Nicholas Sparks movie, Safe Haven. This is one of my favorite Nicholas Sparks movies and the first time we visited the town was specifically so we could search for all of the filming locations. 
After we got to Southport, we did a little window shopping and then we headed to the Moore Street Market for some lunch. I totally recommend this place and if you have seen the movie Safe Haven, this is where Katie (Julianne Hough) went inside to get coffee while Jo (Cobie Smulders) waited outside.
Next, we headed to the museum inside Fort Johnston and in the back they have a room set up with things that talk about all of the movies and TV shows that have been filmed in Southport over the years.
After we finished with the museum we ended up taking a tour of the town to discover movie and TV locations and so we headed on a golf cart ride around town 
This is Alex (Josh Duhamel's) house in the movie Safe Haven.
This is where Katie worked in the movie Safe Haven. It was called Ivan's and on the side of the building they have one of the Ivan's signs and a poster for the movie.

After our tour was over we explored the town a little bit and checked out the pier and beachy area.
For dinner we stopped at Fishy Fishy cafe. My dad recommended it to us because this where he ate when he came to visit the town a couple of times. I shared some chicken tenders with my sister and my mom had the fish & chips. The food was pretty good but our view wasn't the greatest. We were seated at a table at the front the restaurant which means we didn't have a beautiful view of the sunset. This restaurant is was used in the pilot episode of Revenge as Jack's "Stowaway Tavern." 
After we left Southport, we headed back to our house in Wilmington because it was super late and we had another full day of activities planned for the next day so we needed to make sure that we were fully rested.

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