March 17, 2017

Designer Handbag Dupes: Chanel 2.55 Double Flap

Hey guys,

So here is the first bag in the series! I absolutely love this bag, however, I have never actually held one or anything like that. But my goal is to someday save up and buy one! They typically sell for like $4,500 and up depending on the size you get. And yes I know that is a lot of money for a bag but I am crazy obsessed with fashion and so sometimes it's really hard to not want to buy some of the items that designers come up with haha.
Designer Handbag Dupes: Chanel 2.55 Double Flap

My personal favorites that I think look the most similar to the Chanel, are number 2 and number 7. Also, I currently own number 1 in white and I absolutely love it! I wear it all the time and it has even been featured on the blog a few times. However, I don't think they sell it in white anymore, they only sell it in black and it can sometimes be challenging to find.

I also really like number 4 because it's actually a Vera Bradley bag and I know there are quite a few people who really like Vera Bradley bags so it's nice that the company has created a bag that looks a little more luxurious than their typical bag.

The one that I would say that would most likely hold up the best would be number 9, the Tory Burch. This bag is pretty pricey but I know that the quality of the bag is worth the money. I have a couple of Tory Burch bags and they don't seem to show wear and tear as quickly as some of my other bags. I absolutely love my Tory's and if you have the money to buy one I totally recommend it. 

If I had to pick one bag that resembles the Chanel bag the most and the one that I would choose to carry would have to be number 7, The Rebecca Minkoff. I have a Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC that I wear ALL the time and it is seriously one of my favorite bags. My mom even decided the she needed to buy me a new bag one day because I was carrying my Mini MAC with me everywhere I went haha. So I would totally recommend the Love crossbody by Rebecca Minkoff because I know that it will last and it will probably be a bag that you will carry with you everywhere you go.

XO, Steph


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