March 01, 2017

Review of Owning Mirrored Furniture

Hey guys,

So I wanted to do this review because several people were like are you sure you want to buy mirrored furniture? It's going to be such a hassle to clean and it's going to constantly look dirty and you are going to have to clean it all the time. All I heard were negative things from people and so I thought I would give you guys some insight incase you've ever wanted to buy mirrored furniture. 
Review of Owning Mirrored Furniture
So I went online to try and find my nightstands (or should I say nightstand because I only bought one and was planning on buying the other one later) but I wasn't able to find them anymore. So that kind of sucks. I'm hoping that they still sell them in stores but knowing my luck, they probably don't. I included a picture of the table that I use as my vanity and then a picture of a different nightstand that I might have to buy instead if they don't sell mine anymore (insert sad face emoji here)! 

I currently only have two pieces of mirrored furniture in my bedroom but I'm currently thinking of purchasing this piece as well because my room is pretty tiny and I don't really have the space for a full size dresser and then my closet is pretty much as full as it can get and I still have quite a few pieces of clothing at my parents house. I'm also using the bottom drawer of my nightstand to hold my pajamas haha. I currently have a wardrobe thing inside my closet that has drawers and thats where I store all of the stuff that doesn't really need to get hung up such as bras and underwear, swimsuits, workout stuff and other items. So I was thinking of using it to put all of that stuff in and then I could use the drawers for the rest of the stuff that is still at my parents house. However, I'm not sure how deep the drawers are I don't know if they sell this one in the Pier1 stores.

I totally I recommend mirrored furniture. I've had mine for about 2-3 months now and I've only actually deep cleaned it once in those two to three months. And I didn't even really deep clean it. I just grabbed some Windex (not sponsored) and some paper towels and cleaned
the areas that weren't covered with things. For example, on my vanity, I have all of the containers that sit on the back half of the vanity and hold my makeup. I didn't remove these and I didn't remove the lamp that sits on the vanity as well. All I did was remove everything else that I typically don't leave on the vanity anyways and then I wiped down the front half of the top and then I wiped down the drawers. I figured after like 6 months or so it might be dirty enough for me to wipe down the legs but I have a feeling even then won't need to be cleaned for a while.

So far I absolutely love having mirrored furniture. I am a little more cautious with the things that I put on it and I make sure that I always use a coaster because I don't want to leave any marks whatsoever. But if you have furniture that is made out of real wood or MDF you should always be using a coaster because sweaty cups or bottles can be leaves on any type of furniture. However, I should mention that the furniture I grew up with at my parents house had a glass protector over the wood. So all of my furniture was an espresso colored wood (or MDF I'm not really sure what it's made out of) and then a piece of frosted glass over the top. So I was pretty much used to always having to protect the glass. I would never really use a coaster though, I would always just set my bottles of water down in bed with me or I would place a glass on top of a notebook or piece of paper. 

If you have kids then I would only recommend having mirrored furniture in rooms that the kids don't really go in very often only because of how fragile it is and fragile kids can be. If they were to drop something on top of it or run into it, it could end up breaking somehow. I just don't picture mirrored furniture and kids going very well together.

XO, Steph


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