March 13, 2017

New Series: Designer Handbag Dupes

Hey guys,

So for some people it's the designer label, for some its the style and for some it's both. Which for me personally, it's both. I love designer labels but I also love handbags for their style. However, I have noticed that high-end designer labels tend to create new unique styles more than low end labels or fast fashion stores. I've also noticed that fast-fashion stores or lower end labels tend to design handbags that imitate the high-end labels. And according to Oscar Wilde, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery."

So with that being said, I decided to start a new series where I find dupes for different designer handbags. I'm crazy obsessed with handbags! I think I have like 30 plus maybe, I'm not entirely sure. I just love buying them and collecting all of the different styles. I typically will only buy designer handbags which I think is kind of good because if I didn't I would own so many more handbags. I'm not even kidding, every time I go to Target or Forever21, I'm like "OMG that bag is so cute" but I shouldn't really buy it because I don't need it and I'm not entirely sure how long it will last even though it would probably last pretty long considering how many bags I have and how many bags I would buy if I bought cheaper bags.

New Series: Handbag Designer Dupes
I know that some people think that buying designer handbags is such a waste and that they cost a lot of money so chances are you will wear one down before you even get a new one. So one thing that I have been doing a lot lately, is buying smaller cross-body bags because they're typically less than $200 which means you can buy a couple of them either at a time or close together and have them last a lot longer. Plus, not to mention, carrying a cross body is so much lighter than having to carry a huge tote or shoulder bag.

So the main reason I decided to start this new series is because I was going to write up one blog post featuring a bunch of different handbags and all of the dupes that I could find and then I realized that was kinda of stupid because that it would take me forever and it would be hard to add to over the years as more designers create new handbags. So I started to create this series where I feature one handbag each post and all of the dupes that I am able to find. This way I can keep adding to it over time or fix things whenever something sells out.

My goal for this series is to find handbags for every price range so that way everyone can have a bag that looks similar to the designer one. You don't always need to be carrying a designer handbag because maybe you aren't going to be in the right situation or maybe you are going to a theme park and don't want to bring your really expensive handbag. You can carry the cheaper version of it and still look just as fashionable and you won't have to worry about accidentally getting your expensive bag damaged. Also, you may just like the look of the bag and want to find something that is similar and not waste your money on something you may only use a few times.

Some of the bags that I am going to feature are included in the picture above and then there are several others that I plan to include as well. And as designer's create new bags over the years, I can add to the series with new dupes that I find. I also might expand the series to shoes, clothes, and accessories. I haven't completely decided yet so obviously I will let you know later on.

I can't tell you when the first post in the series will be because I haven't started working on it yet and I also have a couple of other posts to write and post first. I also have a lot of research to do before I can post them. They will be random and they will not be posted on a specific day.

XO, Steph


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