March 16, 2017

Universal Studios Day 2

Hey guys,

So for day two, we woke up around 8 and left our hotel around 8:40 to get there by the time the park opened. Technically it opened before we got there but only by like 20 minutes lol. PS, just to warn you incase you haven't been to Universal in a while then you should know that you basically have to go through airport security just to get into the park. Okay maybe not really but it's pretty darn close. Your bags have to go on a belt and get scanned and then you have to walk through a metal detector with nothing in your pockets. You can however have like a watch on or other jewelry and sunglasses. 

The first thing we rode was the Hulk, we did however make a pit-stop at Cinnabon and my sister and I got some cinnamon rolls! Yum! Then we just walked towards the new Skull Island: Reign of Kong ride and the wait time for that was 60 minutes so we decided that we didn't have the time or patience to wait for it. So we kept on moving and we headed back towards Harry Potter World and half of us did some shopping in the candy store while the other half waited in line for butter beer. We then put our stuff in lockers and got in line for the Dragon Challenge again.
Universal Studios Day 2
My sister wore her Jurassic Park shirt that I got her for Christmas (I think) and so she wanted her picture taken under the Jurassic Park sign! Unfortunately the ride was closed both days we were there so we weren't able to ride it but that's okay. My sister and I have been on it plenty of times and we still have one more day left on our ticket, so hopefully it will be open on that day!
Universal Studios Day 2
After we got off of the coaster, we hopped on the train to head back to Universal and we did some looking around in Diagon Alley because they had opened up a new shop since the last time my sister and I had been there. Then we headed towards The Simpson's area to get lunch. They have like a cafeteria type thing inside of building where you can basically get any type of food such as pizza, chicken, and seafood. My sister and I split a meatlover's pizza with a side of tator tots.
Universal Studios Day 2
My sister and I have been collecting all of the flavors of these elixirs and this was the last one that we needed and there is definitely a reason why we waited on getting this one. If you go to purchase one of these and ask them what the different flavors are, you will probably have this one be your last choice too haha. This one is green and so I was kind of hoping for like a green apple kind of flavor but nope, the main flavor that sticks out is mint. I can't really remember what any of the other flavors are supposed to be but with all of them mixed together, it basically tastes like medicine and then a splash of mint after taste. It's the worst flavor out of all of them but we've been collecting them and we're going to add them as decorations on our library wall in the library because they're kind of steampunk-ish haha.

Next, we rode ET because it's a classic and you have to make sure to still ride the classics before they get rid of them (insert sad face emoji here). Our last ride of the day before heading back home was Transformers. If my sister and I got to Universal we typically steer clear of as many 3D rides as possible even though that's like all of Universal's rides. But we will ride the roller coasters a few times each or other rides that don't require you to wear 3D glasses. We get really bad motion sickness sometimes even if we've already taken medication.
Universal Studios Day 2
So here is a photo of all of us that went on the trip! 

We ended up splitting up into two groups and half of us wanted to The Mummy and the other half went off to ride Rock-it. The half that went off to ride The Mummy were kind of too scared to ride Rock-it haha. We were planning on doing single rider and I pretty much won't ride Rock-it without sitting next to my sister or someone I'm super close with incase I need to squeeze their hand to death haha. Plus I love The Mummy! It's seriously such a good ride. However, none of us got to ride the rides we wanted because of issues with the rides but that's okay. We still had a great time and I can't wait to go back!

So as you can see, I didn't really take that many pictures on day 2. I always say that I am going to take so many pictures but then I always forget and by the end of the day I totally regret not taking that many. 

XO, Steph


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