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June 2018 House Update

Stephanie Kamp Blog: June 2018 House Update

Hey guys,

So I want to do a more in-depth blog post on this once I am fully able to take a bunch of pictures after the house has been cleaned but as of right now and probably for the rest of the summer we are taking a break from working on the house! Ever since January of this year we have pretty much been working non-stop on the house. Every free day and weekend that we all have had off we have been cleaning, painting, or decorating the house. We've been working so hard on the house to get it ready for a like a house warming party! We ended up having a Memorial Day party and it was great! We invited friends and family and everyone had such a great time! People rode around on our jet ski and took trips up and down the canal in our kayak! It was such a great day!

Now that the party is over with we are taking a break from working on the house. I'm thinking we probably won't work on it again until summer is over. We have some trips planned for the next couple of months and I really need to focus on finding a new job at least a second part time job until I can find a new full time job! I also want to be able to spend more time with my boyfriend and my family!

Anyways back to the house, to start off with the things that are done are the living room and our library! Which I know doesn't really sound like a lot but considering they are the two main rooms in our house I think that's pretty good! Also, we did buy a fixer upper from the 70's that has not been touched since the 70's so I'm hoping you can guess how bad it really is. Basically every room needs to be updated to this century which means the whole house probably won't be completely done for at least 5 years because the kitchen and both main bathrooms need to be remodeled. I still have a blue toilet and bathtub! But we did redo the half bath that's in the office and it looks absolutely amazing so I am very proud of that!

I think we are pretty much done painting everything for now. Thankfully, because I really don't enjoy painting at all! We've painted pretty much every room inside the house except for my bathroom because it still has wallpaper on the walls that absolutely refuses to come off! So it's definitely still a work in progress! We painted the entire exterior of the house including our driveway and patio floor. The only thing left to paint outside is our garage door which of course we can't decide what color to paint that!

Also, the built-ins in the library are completely done! It took a while but my mom and sister were finally able to complete them just in time for the party! They turned out absolutely amazing and I could not be more proud of them and their hard work! They spent so many weekends working on these shelves and they took so many trips to Sam's and Home Depot to make sure they had all of the right tools and parts that they needed to build them from scratch!

However, there are definitely a few things that still need to be worked on. Some of those things include adding built-ins in the breakfast nook! We really want to add some built-ins with a bench and then we have a round table and 4 chairs that we plan on putting around it. We're not entirely sure if 4 chairs will fit around it once we get done with the built-ins and the bench but we will see. I also want to update the lighting that's in the breakfast nook because it's like four different spotlights and I want to update it to be 1 chandelier. I think it would look a lot better and update the look of the room!

Fo the dining room, I still want a small bar cart and a mirror to go over the shelving unit that we have in there! The shelving unit also kind of still needs to be worked on but that is something that we will work on over time! Other than those two things our dining room is done! It's absolutely perfect in my opinion and it turned out exactly how I pictured it! 

Another thing is that we also want to get a new countertop for our outdoor bar top counter! The one we currently have is dry-rotting and falling apart! Every time you touch it pieces fall off of it, it's pretty bad! I also want to change out the lighting outside and get a fan! We have three different spots for lighting fixtures but we need to make sure that our ceiling is strong enough to be able to hold a fan and different types of lighting fixtures. We also need a coffee table for outside which is something we will have to build. We built all of our outdoor furniture except for our table! The table we recently bought at Sam's and we absolutely love the table because it actually has a built-in leaf and it expends to fit so many people which is amazing! We also have barstools to go with out bar top but they need to be fixed, sanded, and stained! I also think that we need to get at least two more because our counter outside is actually pretty long and I think we could easily fit four barstools at it!

So as you can see we've come along way but we still have a lot of work ahead of us and I can't wait to see how the house turns out once we're completely done with it! I also am really hoping that it will majorly increase the value of the house but we will find out later once we're all done!

Anyways, keep checking back for a full post featuring before and after pictures of all the work we've done so far soon! 

Thanks for stopping by!
XO, Steph

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