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Career Choices

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Career Choices
Hey guys, 

So in my June Life Update post I said I would discuss my thoughts on career choices since I'm really struggling with this! I honestly don't know where to begin with this because I have so much to say! I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this but I work a part time job at DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse). I've been there for a little over a year and a half. I enjoy working there and once I find something full time my plan is to continue to work here on the weekends and also close some nights just so I can keep the amazing discount and also make some extra to put in savings towards big purchases that I really want (such as a new laptop and a Chanel handbag)! I don't know how long I will do both jobs but that's a decision I will make later on.

I've honestly really been struggling with this because I'm about to turn 25 but by the time I turn 25 I will only have been working for 2 years. I didn't work in college and that was my choice and I didn't work in high school because my parents had a rule growing up that school was our main focus and if we really needed money for something they would give it to us. Like my parents would always give us some money if we were going to the movies with some friends or to something similar. We worked hard for our grades and our parents rewarded us for that.

Anyways, I'm currently applying to jobs and I have probably received over 10 rejection emails which is fine because I've probably applied to over 30 jobs by now and most of them I'm definitely not qualified for but people keep telling to apply to things anyway! Honestly, I'm being really picky, I've gotten a lot of calls and interview opportunities but most of them seem to involve some type of sales and I really don't want to spend the day on the phone trying to get people buy a certain product or insurance. It's just not something I'm interested in and it's just not something I think I would be good at. It's mostly really hard because I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with my life! I know jobs that I want to have and I know what I want to do at some point in my life, just not right now! Also, I don't just want to pick a job based on things such as money or things that they tell me in the interview that sound cool! I want to pick a job that I'm actually interested in and something that could lead towards a career!

I know that at some point in my life I want to own my own clothing boutique and start my own company! I already have the name picked out and the location where I want the first store to be but there's so much that goes into starting and owning your company that it's all very overwhelming and I just don't know where to begin! This is something that my mom, my sister and I have been working on for a little over a year now and then thankfully my boyfriend has been helping us a little more! The biggest thing with starting your own business is that you need money or need to know people with money that will either lend it to you or become investors in the company. However, I don't really want people to lend me money so our other option is to go through a bank and them lend me the money. I also don't want investors unless it's like my parents or something! I just don't want to have to owe people money!

Whenever I start this company I kind of want it to be more than just clothes or fashion! Between my mom, my sister and myself we have all come up with different projects that we will each manage but they will all be under the same name! Basically I want to build my own mini empire! And by mini, I mean mini! If we're successful I don't want to open more than 3 different locations of the boutique mainly because then it won't really be a boutique anymore, it will become a chain and that's not really something I'm interested in! I want my boutique to be something that people will want to travel to just because they saw it on Facebook or Instagram or because they heard about it from a friend who was visiting!

Anyways back to the careers, I've always been one of those people that wants to have like a bunch of jobs so I can tell people "I've done this and this, oh and I've also done this"! For some odd reason I've always wanted to be a professor after I semi-retire so I can tell all of my students about all of the interesting jobs I've done in my life! I feel like you need to have a lot of jobs as a professor just so you can teach your students about more things and help guide them in the right path!

Honestly, I just really struggle with figuring out what I want to do with my life until I have the funds or means to be able to open my boutique! I constantly have so many thoughts running through my mind and I'm also very indecisive so I'm constantly changing my mind about what I want to do! I will keep you guys posted on the job hunt and let you know when I do find a new job!

If anyone has any advice or thoughts on the topic feel free to leave a comment below! I'd love the feedback and the help!

Thanks for stopping by!
XO, Steph

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