Friday, June 22, 2018

Upcoming Summer 2018 Trips

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Upcoming Summer 2018 Trips
Hey guys,

June is a pretty busy month and so is August, however July might be a little boring but I'm kind of okay with that because of how busy June and August are going to be. Granted I still do want to plan and take a trip in July but nothing has really been discussed!

So here is a list of all of the trips we have planned so far:

1) Disney

I'm going to Disney this weekend with my boyfriend and my family! We're just going for one night so he can use up the last two days on his tickets but I'm super excited because we're staying at one of my favorite places, Fort Wilderness Campground! We're staying in the cabins there and they are one of my favorite places to stay. They are so roomy and come with their own kitchen, they're so nice! We haven't picked out what parks we're going to but hopefully we will soon! I'll probably post pictures and maybe blog about the trip once we get back but I haven't decided!

2) St. Augustine

The last weekend of the month we are taking a trip to St. Augustine to visit our friends and see their new house. This trip will just consist of my sister, my boyfriend and I. I am so excited and I can't wait to see everyone and their new house! I also love visiting St. Augustine, it is one of my favorite cities! We took Zach (my boyfriend) for his first trip a couple months ago and I am so excited to go back with him and show him more of the city! It's seriously such a cut and fun town to visit if you ever get the chance!

3) NYC

The first weekend of August, my mom, my sister, and I will be heading on annual trip to New York! I've decided to start calling it that because let's face it, we seem to go every year now! It's our favorite city to visit and there is seriously so much to do all of the time that you can't really ever get bored! It's amazing! If you still haven't booked your trip then you need to right now! You only get one life so you might as well live it to the fullest! 

One of the main reasons we're going here is for my mom's birthday (which was back in April)! We were supposed to go back then but we just had too much going on with work, the house, and other trips that we weren't able to find the time go. My mom wanted to go because they are having a Downton Abbey Exhibit there and it was supposed to end back in May I think but they ended up extending it because it was doing so well and so that's the main reason we're going! My mom, my sister and I all really love Downton Abbey!

4) Miami

OMG guys this trip is probably my favorite trip and the one I'm looking the most forward too because we're actually going to Miami to see Taylor Swift!!! We went a couple of years ago to her last concert series for 1989 and it was absolutely amazing so we all agreed that we had to go to her next concert that was in Florida! It's going to be amazing and I'm kind of bummed that her Tampa concert isn't on a weekend night because that's the city we would have preferred but oh well! It's still going to be such a great show and we're going to have a blast!

P.S. I'm not sure why that last heading wouldn't show up like the rest, I tried several different things and it just wouldn't update to be like the rest!

The trip I want to take in July is a trip to Tallahassee! We have friends that live up there and we typically try to visit them like every 3 months or so since they recently had a kid but lately we've been struggling finding the time to go up there so I'm thinking that a trip in July would be good! Also another reason I really want to go is because my boyfriend has never been to Tallahassee and it's one of my sister and I's favorite cities to visit!

Thanks for stopping by!
XO, Steph

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