April 27, 2015

Spring Break 2015: DC Day 6

Hey guys,

So day 6 of our trip basically consisted of getting up super early and catching a train to Washington D.C. and then doing some sightseeing around the city.

We woke up around 5 something in the morning to start getting ready for the day and to make sure that we would be able to get a taxi to the train station. I had never been on a real train before so that’s why we decided to go with the train option instead of the plane option. I honestly really enjoyed traveling by train and I think that if I were to ever travel throughout the east coast of the US I would definitely consider doing it by train. It took about an hour or two longer than a plane would have but it was a new experience and I really enjoyed it. I also think my mom and sister preferred it because neither of them enjoy flying that much.

The station that we left out of was Penn Station because trains going to Washington D.C. do not leave out of Grand Central. I definitely would have preferred to leave out of Grand Central because there were a lot of homeless people just hanging out inside of Penn Station. It was a little creepy at times because some of them would just start randomly yelling and cursing at nobody.

The one thing I did not realize was that the train would be making a bunch of stops, which is probably the main reason why it took us a couple hours longer to arrive in D.C. than a plane would have.

Me and my sister on the train

View from the train

Johnny Rockets inside train station

Johnny Rockets chicken and french fries

By the time we had arrived in D.C. it was almost lunchtime and we were all very hungry. So we went to the food court area that was located in the train station but we didn’t really want to eat at any of the fast food options that they had available so we decided to go with the Johnny Rockets was that in the same area. As you can see I had the chicken tenders/fingers and some French fries and they were both delicious.

Inside Washington D.C. train station

Bell outside of D.C. train station

Statue outside of D.C. train station

After lunch we headed to the National Mall where most of the main D.C attractions are located such as the National Monument, The Lincoln Memorial, and several of the museums. We first checked out the National Monument. After we were done checking out the monument we decided to walk to the Lincoln Memorial and check it out which is located on the other end of the Reflecting Pool. It was a very long walk to the Lincoln Memorial.

The last place we checked out for the day was Ford’s Theater, which is the location where President Abraham Lincoln was shot. They have free museum located inside the theater and it also allows you go next to the house where Lincoln was brought after he was shot and it is also where he died.

One thing I was looking forward to was possibly seeing some of the places where the TV show Scandal was filmed but unfortunately I Googled when we got there and apparently the entire show is filmed in Los Angeles. I guess I should have done better research before we arrived but oh well.

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