April 05, 2015

Spring Break 2015: NYC Day 4

Hey guys,

So on our fourth day in NYC we woke up and headed for the Financial District to finally check out the 9/11 Memorial. The memorial opened up back in 2011 but every time we tried to get tickets they were usually sold out during the time we were going to be visiting New York. Thankfully this time we were able to get tickets. 

World Trade Center

The museum was pretty intense. I thankfully did not cry although I did tear up a few times while walking around and looking at different things. If you have never been to this museum I highly recommend that you go. It was kind of challenging to figure out how to get there and almost every person we talked to told us different directions on how to get there and some of them were even NYPD. It was little frustrating but eventually we got there. 

Virgil Quote located on a wall inside the 9/11 Museum
This museum is located underground like a lot of things are in the city and it is also very large. We technically did not get to make it through the entire museum because we didn't realize how large it was. We had bought 10:00 am tickets but we didn’t end up getting until about 0:45 because we got lost a couple times and thankfully they still let us in.  We ended up having to rush through the last few parts of the museum because it takes a really long time to walk through it and by the time it was like 12:30, 1:00 we were starving and so we needed to hurry and go find food. If you plan on going to the museum try to make sure that you have just finished a meal before you go in because if you want see the entire museum you will be there for about 3+ hours.

"Last Column"

Dos Toros Taqueria food bag

For lunch we ate at a place called Dos Toros. It was located inside of a food court called Hudson Eats, which was located on the second floor of a building called Brookfield Place, which used to be called The World Financial Center. I ended up ordering two tacos but I only ate one of them. Also, since I got the meal it came with chips and a drink as well so I ate that too. It was okay, it definitely was not as good as some other Mexican places I've had but it was still nice to try something new. 

Sprinkles vanilla cupcake
We also all had cupcakes from a place called Sprinkles. I got a vanilla cupcake because I don’t really like chocolate cake or chocolate cupcakes. I did not really like the icing that was on the cupcake that much I thought it was very sweet but I still thought it was pretty tasty. I happen to be a really picky eater though. My mom and sister both seemed to really like theirs though.

We also happened to get a seat by the window, which was really nice because the view was amazing. 

View from Hudson Eats inside Brookfield Place

Next we headed to Grand Central Station because I love this place and I think that it is absolutely beautiful inside and on the outside. If you have never been there is an underground food court and we all really wanted something to snack on so we found a Magnolia Bakery kiosk inside and my mom and I both got brownies and my sister had a cupcake. I think she preferred the Magnolia Bakery cupcake to the Sprinkles cupcake.

Grand Central Station Entrance

Magnolia Bakery brownie

I guess I completely forgot to take pictures of where we ate breakfast and dinner and I also can’t even remember the names of the places we ate for breakfast or dinner. We might have either skipped breakfast or finished off the leftover pizza. However, if you are looking for some good places to eat at in New York City check out my Day 1 and Day 2 posts.

After Grand Central we headed to Rockefeller Plaza because it’s classic and we always have to visit every time we’re in New York.

Rockefeller Center

The Rink at Rockefeller Center

In the evening we headed to DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse).  The one we love going to is located near Macy’s at Herald Square. I believe it is about 3 or 4 levels. There is nothing located on the first level other than the entrance and a few displays usually. The next two floors are shoes for women and the top floor is for men and clearance. The only person that ended up buying a pair of shows from DSW was my sister and she ended up finding a pair of rainboots to wear for the rest of the trip because the snow kept seeping in through her leather boots she was wearing.

The last place we headed was Macy’s at Herald Square because my mom and I really wanted to buy a new pair of boots since we could not find any at DSW. However neither of us ended up leaving with anything. As a person who is obsessed with fashion it was really hard for me to leave both DSW and Macy’s without buying anything but unfortunately everything I tried on was either too big, too small, or just looked horrible on.

In case you missed my last post check it out here!

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