April 28, 2015

Spring Break 2015: DC Day 7

Hey guys,

So day 7 of the trip was a bit different compared to the rest of the days. We actually got "snowed in," which is something that has never happened to me before since I live in Florida. I have never seen so much snow falling at once and for such a long time in my entire life. It was amazing and beautiful but so annoying all at the same time.

In the morning when the snow had just started falling my parents went out and got us breakfast and they also decided to pick up lunch just incase we ended up getting snowed in which is what ended up happening. We pretty much stayed indoors all day except for a few times. We went out and had a mini snowball fight which was a lot of fun and something I've only experienced one other time. We also built a little snowman as you can see down below. I thought that it was absolutely freezing and even though I had so many layers on I thought I was going to die! It was so cold outside. 

Since we were snowed in, it basically ruined an entire day of seeing DC but at the same time it was okay because only a few of the museums were actually open. Most of DC was given the day off because it was not safe to be on the roads. So thankfully our cabin had WiFi and we were able to catch up on a couple TV shows and we also watched a couple movies that my sister has purchased from the campground store.

Most of the photos were taken by my sister so thanks sis!

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