July 06, 2016

Ion Color Brilliance Brights Hair Color Review

Stephanie Kamp Blog: Ion Color Brilliance Brights Hair Color Review

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So I ended up deciding to do a review of the hair color that I used. The reason that I had originally decided to dye my hair pink was because it’s something that I have wanted to do for a really long time but I’ve always been too scared to do it or wasn’t allowed to because of school. I recently just graduated from college and am currently looking to start a career so I figured now was the perfect time to do it because there was nobody telling me that I couldn’t.

The reason I chose this hair dye was because I watched a YouTube video last year that NikkiPhilippi did where she just randomly decided to dye parts of her hair pink! After watching her video, I decided to do the same thing and I went with the same dye that she used as well. I didn’t really do a lot of research on different hair dyes or what I should do. I just kind of did what Nikki did and we had completely different experiences.

As I said in my last post, I had to dye my hair 3 times in 2 days before it even really showed up. The first time I did it, I followed the boxes instructions because I was super nervous about damaging my hair or possibly ruining my blonde highlights. The instructions on the box say to leave the dye in for about 40 minutes and then rinse it out and that’s basically it. There were also some other details about lightening your hair but I already have pretty light hair so I didn’t really need to worry about those instructions.

When following the instructions didn’t work, I decided to make up my own and I left the hair dye in for about 2 hours and then rinsed it out with cold water, blow dried, and curled my hair. That same night I met up with a friend who didn’t even notice that ends of my hair were pink until I said something.

So for my third attempt, I decided to follow Nikki’s instructions, which were to leave the dye in for about 3 hours and then rinse it out. Nikki also mentions how she dilutes the dye with hair conditioner. However, I tried this and the color did not show up at all so for my third attempt I did not add any hair conditioner. The third time was finally the winner and the color had actually stayed in my hair like it was supposed to.

I purchased my hair dye from Sally Beauty Supply and when I went it was actually on sale for only $5, which I thought, was a great price. I would have gotten a lot of uses out of one tube if I didn’t have to re-dye it 3 times in 2 days. I also bought color remover just incase it turned out horrible and I needed to remove it. So in total I only spent about $9 plus tax.

After my first attempt failed, I texted a friend who home dyes her hair all the time and she gave me some tips which I used and it definitely helped to keep the color in for longer. Basically she told me to use color or luke warm water when rinsing out or washing my hair because the heat can open up the pores in your hair and rinse all of the color out. Since I didn’t want to risk all of the color falling out again I decided to rinse it out with cold water and I avoided washing my hair from Thursday until Sunday night. This was very challenging for me because I normally wash my hair every single night which I know is really bad for your hair but I have extremely oily hair so I like to make sure that it’s always really clean. Plus, I also have A LOT of hair and I don’t really like to use too much heat on it so I try to avoid blow drying as much as possible. My friend also mentioned that since I have been highlighting my hair for so long, the color is going to have a hard time latching on because it is so used to being blonde.

After my second attempt still wasn’t doing that great, I Googled a lot of different questions and read several reviews on the dye. I wanted to see if anyone had any other tips but most them were the same as my friend’s tips. However, there were quite a few users who experienced the same issue as me so if you experience them as well then know you are not alone.

If you plan on purchasing this dye or something similar, I highly recommend only washing your hair every 3-6 days because even when you aren’t washing your hair the color will still fade because of the sun and every time you brush your hair some of the color will come out as well. When you do wash your hair, make sure that it is with cold water if you want the color to last longer. By the end of the weekend I was ready to wash my hair and I also didn’t really care if the color stayed in for too much longer. I also recommend leaving it in for about 3 hours or maybe even longer.
Stephanie Kamp Blog: Ion Color Brilliance Brights Hair Color Review
Also, I know that the box is like pastel pink and the sample hair piece in the picture is very light but I can tell you that it will most likely not turn out to be that color at all. When you squeeze the dye out of the tube it is a very vibrant hot neon pink color (as you can see in the picture above) which I was not expecting at all and if you have blonde hair then it shows up hot pink on your hair as well.

I also want to mention that I did not use gloves which was fine because the color fades off of your hands after a few washes but if you want to buy gloves or have access to free gloves then go ahead and use them. I also did not use an official hair painting brush but we did use a toothbrush to make it look more painted on my hair. However, I preferred the technique of splitting my hair into pigtails and just putting the dye on the bottom portion of my hair the best.

As I mentioned in the previous post I ended up re-dying it for 4th of July weekend and I think it turned out a lot better this time because I ended up splitting my hair into pigtails and just put the dye on the bottom parts of my hair. I left it in for 3 hours (I also used my favorite self-tanner which you leave on for 3 hours as well so it worked out perfectly), hopped in the shower, rinsed off and the color turned out a lot more vibrant and by the end of the weekend I loved the color that it had faded to.
Stephanie Kamp Blog: Ion Color Brilliance Brights Hair Color Review
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