February 28, 2017

February 2017 Favorites

Hey guys,

Here is this months favorites! Also, this post is the last post for the month and I am so happy to say that I was able to complete my goal of posting every single weekday this month! It was challenging and missed out on a lot of sleep but at least I can finally say that this month is the first month where I didn't miss a post or forget to post when I said I was going to. I did post late a couple of times or cut it really close but I was able to get a post up every day that I planned on getting one up! Now let's see if I am able to continue this throughout next month and maybe even start filming some YouTube videos!
February 2017 Favorites
1) Oreo Truffles

One of my co-workers made these for the super bowl potluck at work and they were so good! I ate so many of them and even snuck some in my lunchbox to take home with me haha. I really want to try and make some of these at home myself but I haven't had the time to do any baking which makes me so sad because I love to bake!

I recently purchased these and I absolutely love them! I have been wanting them for the longest time and I finally was able to purchase them. I've only worn them once so far but they are so cute. They run a little small so I suggest going up a size. I'm normally a 6 1/2 but I ended up getting a 7.

3) Hollyn

So we saw her perform live a couple weeks ago and she was so good! She recently came out with her first album and I've already listened to it several times and memorized the lyrics to a couple of the songs. I highly recommend checking her out if you like Christian music.

4) Favorite DIY

So far this has been my favorite DIY! However, it was quite challenging and it took a little while to complete. There were some spots that didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped but I'll live with it or maybe I'll fix it someday! haha 

This is my favorite YouTuber at the moment. She vlogged everyday in the month of February and most of her blogs were really funny! They were also pretty short which can be nice. Sometimes YouTubers make really long videos and I don't enjoy watching them because they take up way too much of my time but most of hers were under 10 minutes.

6) The Space Between Us

So my sister and I saw this movie at the beginning of the month and it was so cute! We absolutely loved it and I am so glad that it was really good. I was kind of nervous that it was going to end badly or that it was going to be just an all around bad movie but thankfully it was pretty good and I will definitely be buying it! There were some aspects that I wasn't really expecting but I think that's how every movie should be when you go to see it. The previews shouldn't give everything away. I highly recommend seeing it or waiting till it goes to Redox haha.

7) Favorite Light Fixtures

So we are currently working on completing our front entryway and I picked out these two lighting fixtures and I really want to get both of them someday soon (Hanging pendant and wall sconce). My plan is to spray paint the hanging pendant gold to match the rest of the theme because it's really hard to find a gold hanging lighting fixture like this and if you do find one, it's really expensive and I just don't really see the point in spending a lot of money on this light fixture. And then I want to hang the two sconces next to the mirror that we just hung on the wall. 

So my sister and I found this palette recently at Sephora. I knew that they came out with it but I totally forgot all about it until I saw it while waiting in line to check out. So my sister and I each got one and I think she bought one for a friend as well. I love all of the colors and I even used it in this blog post! All of the colors are great and super pretty. I really love the pink one because it has some gold undertones that show through really well if you use a wet eyeshadow brush to apply it with.

9) The Royals

So this show actually ended in February but I love it so much! I wish it was still on, it needs to get more episodes each season and it better get renewed for a new season! I am obsessed with British people and I totally wish I had a British accent haha! Plus since I'm a Disney fan, I totally love the fact that it's all about a royal family.

10) Arizona Raspberry Iced Tea

My sister recently picked this up from Publix and it is so good! It's definitely my second favorite Arizona tea. And if you don't know what Publix is then I am so sorry! And if you don't know what Arizona tea is then again, I am so sorry! Arizona makes some of the best teas, although, I'm sure that most of them aren't the healthiest.

XO, Steph


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