July 04, 2022

Grand Forks Air Show June 2022

Hey Guys!

Happy July 4th! I hope everyone has a great day celebrating with friends and family! Today's post is kind of fitting because it is somewhat military related! It is my review of the Grand Forks Air Force Base Air Show!

So I wanted to do a post on the Air Show we recently went to up here at the Air Force Base. My fiancé's parents recently came up to visit us and we made sure to plan the trip around the Air Show so we could all go together! We technically didn't go to the official Air Show that was on Saturday. We went to the family day of the air show, which was the day before on Friday. Since my fiancé is in the Air Force we were able to go the day before when it wasn't as crowded, which was very nice. 

I had never been to an Air Show before and I thought it was a very neat experience. I definitely think that it would be fun if you had kids because they had a lot of planes out on display and a bunch of tents down at the other end with different activities and food. The day we went we watched the Thunderbirds practice for the Saturday show, which was really cool. I guess they didn't really do their normal routine because they were pretty much always split up with one plane by itself and then the other two were flying together. Even though it wasn't their normal show, it was still really cool to get to see of the stunts that they can do and wow, they fly by so fast, it's crazy! 

Overall, it was a lot of fun and we all had a good time! I of course, like always got sunburnt and now I have these awkward tanned arms and the rest of me is super pale, it's totally fine! I would definitely go back especially once we have kids so they can enjoy the planes and the other activities that they had to offer. We were actually very lucky to get to go on the Friday because they ended up having to cancel the Saturday show due to extreme winds. It was unsafe for the pilots to fly in and do their stunts. I didn't take very many pictures, I mostly took videos of the Thunderbirds because they don't really show up that well in photos haha. But I know that they have these Air Shows all over the country and that the Thunderbirds travel so if you live near a base and have never been to an Air Show then I highly recommend it! They were supposed to have even more stunt shows at the Saturday event but unfortunately all of them were cancelled due to the weather. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you guys enjoyed this short post! 

XO, Steph


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