July 08, 2022

Inspiration for Our Wedding

 Hey Guys!

Today's post is going to be another wedding post! We haven't actually gotten to the planning part yet of the wedding but we have been planning all of the other events that are typically included with a wedding such as the Bachelor/Bachelorette parties and the bridal shower. Our rehearsal dinner is pretty already planned to thankfully. That was probably the easiest and quickest of them all. I will do some blog posts on that as well, including our experience of finding a place and then once we actually have it, I will do a review and explanation of details!

This post is mostly going to be photos of the inspiration that I have found on Pinterest. This is probably what we will be sharing with our Disney wedding planner once we get into that process. But for now I will just share that our theme is Written in the Stars/A Night Under the Stars. I think we're going to go more with the first one because I feel like the second one sounds more high school prom theme than a wedding theme. I also wasn't really sure if people had wedding themes and I guess most don't but some do so I just went with it! The main reason we landed on this theme is because one of the dresses that I am interested in is actually named this and I thought it was super pretty and a great choice for us! My fiancé and I used to take a lot of walks at night under the stars and look at how pretty they are and he is also very interested in space so I thought that the theme was perfect for us! 

Our colors are primarily navy blue and different shades of metals, so rose gold, gold, champagne, and silver. I kind of wanted a mix since we don't really have another primary color. Our dress code is formal but black tie welcomed. Our hope is that everyone dress like they are showing up for a ball since it's at Disney and how often do you get to dress up really fancy! Can you tell that I wish balls were still a thing? 

My bridesmaid will be wearing floor length navy blue dresses and the groom/groomsmen, so far, will also be wearing navy blue tuxes with black lapels and other black details and with a white shirt. Our flower girls will be wearing these adorable light pink tulle dresses with big bows on the back. Our ring and sing bearers will be wearing either navy or black suits. 

I hope you enjoyed to days post and if you want to see more inspiration please check out my Pinterest page and click on my Wedding Board!

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XO, Steph


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