July 01, 2022

My Summer/ Fall 2022 Travel Plans

 Hey Guys!

So I wanted to talk a little bit about my upcoming travel plans! You all know how much I love to travel and go on vacation! lol Except most of the places I am going to will not be new so I don't really count it as traveling so much, just more going back home. 

Anyways, the first trip I have is actually about a week away. By this time next week I will be in Orlando driving up to Atlanta with my mom and sister to go try on wedding dresses! I am so excited! This will be my first time trying on wedding dresses and my future mother in law and sister in law will also be joining us as well! The reason I picked Atlanta to try on dresses is because I have actually had my dress picked out for about 2 or 3 years now and shockingly they still sell it! But it is sold at BHLDN which is Anthropologies wedding company and the closest location to back home where I could try on the dress was Atlanta. So we have an appointment at BHLDN to try on that dress and probably others and then another appointment later in the day to try on Disney wedding dresses which I am also so excited about! 

I have absolutely no idea which dress I will end up with but I know that if I pick one of the Disney dresses that will suck because that means I will have to fly back to Atlanta for a fitting and possibly again to pick up the dress if they have to make more alterations after the fitting. I also have another dress that I have picked out online that unfortunately you can't ever try on in person. They aren't sold in stores but it is absolutely gorgeous! The nice thing is that they make the dress custom to the measurements you provide for them! And yes, I have read the reviews online and the company is highly rated.

The next trip I have is in August to see some friends that I haven't seen in quite a long time and most of them are in my wedding party! 3 of them are bridesmaids, one of the daughters is one of our flower girls and one of the sons is our sign bearer! I am so excited to see them and we will be going to Disney for a couple of days and then I will be heading back to North Dakota.

The next trip is also in August but it like the last weekend/week of August and my parents will be flying up here and we will be exploring two more national parks and they will also be helping me drive back home which is where I will be staying for about 6 weeks or so. Since my dog was diagnosed with cancer last year, I have basically been a helicopter mom and I am extremely careful with anything I do with him. Since having cancer he hasn't had any of his shots because the vet said that they would be too harsh for his immune system and seeing as how he has a tumor we think that it is too much for his body to handle flying. 

Some people think I'm crazy for driving all the way back down home just for 6 weeks but I have a lot of things that I need to take care of while I am home so it just made the most sense. I also need to be able to drive around to get a lot of these things accomplished and while my parents have a spare car I can borrow, it's not your average car. It's their fun convertible that sometimes gives me anxiety to drive in case I get into an accident. While I am home my fiancé will actually be flying down to Orlando where we will be staying for about a week to attend a wedding for one of his friends as well as celebrate our five year anniversary. We are staying at a Disney resort and we will be going to Hollywood Studios with my family and it be my fiancé's first time seeing the new Star Wars area which I have been dying to take him to for the last couple of years! We will also be going to Sea World with his sister and her boyfriend one day and then we will be spending the rest of our time going to the rest of the Disney parks as well as enjoying the hotel we paid for! 

The weekend after that trip is actually my first bachelorette party! Yes, I said first! I do plan on having 2 but neither of them are mandatory and if some of my bridesmaids can only do one that is totally fine! Most of them have said that they are totally down for both though! The main reason I am having two is because I have always wanted to wear the Bride Mickey ears around the parks at Disney. I think that they are so cute and for someone that is an avid Disney fan I have wanted this for such a long time but also as someone who goes to Disney a lot I still wanted your average bachelorette party. My second party is actually going to be in St. Augustine but I will discus that more later. Also, both of my bachelorette parties are quick weekend trips and I honestly feel like most bachelorette parties these days are like week long trips and everyone has to fly to a new destination and they are just elaborate. With mine, at least I am the only one that has to fly to these destinations. 

Then approximately two-ish weeks after my bachelorette party we will be flying to Massachusetts for another wedding. This one is for my fiancé's cousin that is getting married in October. We are very excited for this wedding. They have been engaged for two years and we have all been talking about how we can't wait to attend this wedding and honestly it feels like it has been taking forever to get here! But we will be up there visiting his family for about a week and attending the wedding as well. This will only be my second time going up there to see his family in the 5 years we've been together. It's kind of crazy! This was mostly due to him joining the Air Force and then of course the pandemic. We had to pick our trips wisely! 

Then once I am back from Massachusetts, my dad and I will be heading back up to North Dakota. There will only be 2 of us driving this time so it might take us a day longer than the drive down to Florida. But anyways, while I am down in Florida my goal is to get any sort of wedding or event planning done that is needed. Even though I know I'm not really supposed to, I kind of planned my own bridal shower because like I said I really enjoy this and I have this vision in mind that I really wouldn't want to put on someone else to try and create. My sister is who is my maid of honor is also really busy with school and work and since I don't really have a job right now I figured I might as well save her the time and plan most of it myself. I am also very particular about certain things so it's honestly just easier this way! I love being crafty and I want to create a lot the decorations myself and make sure that everything is ready to go for the shower in January before I leave. I don't really want to leave it all on my mom and sister to have to do everything.

Once I am back in North Dakota, I don't have anymore trips planned until January of 2023. There are a few trips for people coming up to visit us being thrown out there and then my parents and sister are coming up here for Christmas and most likely New Years. But until then I will hopefully have found a job and earning an income again or have figured something out at least and I will also be spending a lot of that time in between trips getting school done because I have to be done by November 30th. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

XO, Steph


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