July 06, 2022

My Winter 2022/ Spring 2023 Travel Plans

 Hey Guys!

So this is kind of part 2 of Fridays post! It is a list of more of my travel plans for the later half of 2022 and the first part of 2023. I hope you enjoy!

I don't really plan on traveling anywhere this winter of 2022 but at the end of January I will be traveling back home for a little more than a week. I will be attending my bridal shower and my second bachelorette party. Since I have to fly back home so much for wedding events and other miscellaneous events I have been trying to schedule things together so that way I am getting as much accomplished in one trip as I possibly can. At the end of January we will be having my bridal shower which will be hosted by my sister (aka my Maid of Honor) at my mom's house. Then the following weekend we will be having my second bachelorette party in St. Augustine! I plan on doing full posts on both of my bachelorette parties once the time comes but until then I am not really doing a lot of the planning for them. I just kind of picked the location, where we're staying and then what month they are going to be in. The second bachelorette party is my real one that will also be a combined bridal shower for those of my bridesmaids that can't make it to the actual bridal shower. The rest of the planning I am letting my sister and the rest of the bridesmaids take care of. 

Then our wedding is in March so we will both be in Orlando for about 5 days or so for that!! Once we get back from that, my fiancé only has about a month left and then we will be starting our journey of heading back home. Thankfully the Air Force will be paying for our stuff to be shipped back home but as of right now we don't know really know where we will end up. It mostly just depends on if and where my fiancé gets a job. At the moment, our goal is back home to Lee County Florida so we can be with our families again but everything just depends on where he gets a job. 

I know I kind of make it sound like I'm just here, along for the ride but I promise it's not that way. My goal is to have a remote job that can go with me wherever we end up but the whole point of him joining the Air Force was for him to get the training and certifications he needs to be able to do his dream job. If I wasn't able to support that then all of this would just be a waste. I knew what I was signing up for when he told me he wanted to join the Air Force and he told me all about the benefits of him joining and I fully supported his decision and I never would have told him that no he can't do it. The only thing I didn't sign up for was Covid and it pretty much hindering all of the plans that we had made of being able to see each other much more often than we were able to while we were long distance. 

As for our honeymoon, it is still being discussed. We are aiming for May because we can't take one right when we get married because he will be out of vacation days and he will only have one month left in the Air Force anyways. Then in May his older sister is getting married in New Smyrna Beach, FL so we will be attending that wedding shortly after we move back home. Then our goal is go on our honeymoon shortly after we get back from that wedding. I will do another post on our honeymoon soon and what we are thinking so far. But after May we don't really have any travel plans because we will both need to figure out our plan and where life will be taking us. 

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XO, Steph


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